Magnifique, Night at the Ballet and C’est Si Bon Poppy Parker

by Dutch Fashion Doll World

3 more Poppy Parker !!! So It was debox time this morning. I started with Magnifique. She needed some work on the hair because of the box. Everything was at one side instead of the back of her head. But it was easy to adjust.


I have the feeling she is the less popular from this BonBon collection. But you have to give her a chance. I think she is gorgeous and really fits into the group.

And yes… mine is missing one earring. my big hands are sometimes not that good with those tiny jewelry pieces. I broke it…. So if anybody has a set he is not doing anything with πŸ˜‰

The second doll that got deboxed was Night At The Ballet. And she is Stunning !!!


Her face is so gorgeous. I do think some closed classic shoes and a pantyhose woud be better for her look. Or maybe I just have to get use to those Poppy Parker feet πŸ˜‰ And yes that necklace would have been nice if it has some of those blue stones that we see in her earrings and bracelet. But I think overall she is an amazing doll and so much better IRL then her promotion pictures.

And the last Lady to debox was C’est Si Bon. She is so much fun with her full polkadot dress.


And I love a doll with a veil.

So for me still one to go to complete this collection.