New Barbie Doll releases

by Dutch Fashion Doll World

So today Mattel surprised us with a few new Barbie’s on their TheBarbieCollection site. And one of them is a Brunette version of the Classic Black Dress Barbie Silkstone doll.

Schermafbeelding 2016-09-30 om 19.49.51.png

I love color variations. And I think its kinda fun that with this new body they make a hommage to the first 2 lingerie Silkstone dolls. They also had a ponytail and a blond and brunette variation.

  But this new doll. Didn’t we saw her a few months ago….


It looks people at the Italian doll convention got exact the same doll….

Why? I understand its cheaper for a company to produce the same doll but when a doll is exclusively made for a convention can you put her in an other dress and take her in production again…

Why didn’t you decide to give her a different color hair and make-up. Now this just doesn’t feel right.

Other dolls that were released today were

The Barbie Look Pool Chique.


 I need that mini lipstick !!!

The Barbie Look Park Pretty.

Schermafbeelding 2016-09-30 om 20.09.48.png

The dog called miss honey is a must have.

And Madam La Vinia from the Harlem Theater collection.


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