Poppy Parker Miniatures

by Dutch Fashion Doll World

So today starts the 2016 Integrity Toys Convention. This year theme is Supermodel Lager than Life on the Catwalk.


Today is early registration and of course ROOMSHOPPING !!!!

And when you are attending this convention you have to visit the room of my friends Hilda Westervelt from Bellissima Couture Fashions and Rebecca Berry from Inside the fashion Doll Studio. tonight at 7:00 CDT. Here you can find the most stylish fashions and the best accessories.

Here a few sneaks of the work of my friends that they will be bringing to convention.



I am not at this convention. So I will take over Inside the Fashion Doll Studio and will blog for both of my friend and me. So for the latest news about all the fun at this convention keep checking our blogs this week.

But my miniatures will be for sale at this convention. My friends have with them the miniature BFMC display and this years Poppy Parker collection in miniature.



So if you dolls need some dolls to play with find stop by at my friends room during roomsales or find their table on Friday at the Fashion Bazaar.


And for the people who are not at convention but are interested in the Poppy Parker sets. I made a few extra’s that I will post tonight in my Etsy shop.