Integrity Toys Convention day 1

by Dutch Fashion Doll World

So yesterday it was time for early registration at the Integrity Toys Convention.


These golden bags were handed out at registration.


And in these bags the conventioneers found a welcome doll !!!.


And here she is.


Its Tulabelle called You Better Werk !


She looks to be inspired by the Moschino 2012 graffiti collection

Item # 88007
You Better Werk!
Tulabelle™ / THE INDUSTRY Dressed Doll Gift Set
Official Convention Welcome Set
The 2016 Integrity Toys SUPERMODEL Convention
Limited Edition of 500 Gift Sets

Doll Specs:

Head Sculpt: Tulabelle (12″)
Body Type: The Industry
Skin Tone: FR White
Hair Color: Blond
Eyelashes: Yes, Hand-Applied
Quickswitch: No


In the box there is still room for something more…. So maybe we will see some additions later this week for this doll.

In the lobby at registration there were some sneaks. rumor is they are dolls from this years convention collection. Nata-leto on Flickr found the possible fashion inspirations for these dolls.

Vanessa dressed in dressed in Chanel from 1990

Adèle in Mugler 1992

Véronique in Chanel 1990

Eugenia in Versace 1993

The rest of the day it was time for roomshopping.


Here some images from the amazing goodies that were for sale at the room of Hilda Westervelt from Bellissima Couture Fashions and Rebecca Berry.