In Love with Lovetones

by Dutch Fashion Doll World

Today my new lovetones dolls arrived. And I LOVE them !!!!

It all started with the box. Its so chique with the silver grey and the black ribbon.

And when you open them its PINK PINK PINK everywhere !


Under the dolls there is a compartment with all the accessories and the extra outfit.


I couldn’t wait to get these ladies out of their boxes.


As you can see the hair is a bit different then in the promo pictures. This is because it’s set in the back.


For now I wil leave it this way. But I do like the loose hairstyle better. I think this is very easy to recreate.

Schermafbeelding 2016-11-22 om 23.42.14.png

The skin is amazing. And you have to see and touch this in real life. Its very soft just like velvet. The heads are a lot smaller then other fashion dolls. But this also make them more realistic.

The fashions are very well made. And they are really easy to redress. You can remove the hands and the bodies are really flexible but stay firm in a pose.30362254834_81b0cc9aa8_k


I love it that the dolls come with 2 different looks.

Here is Lena.


And this is Roxy.


The quality of these fashion dolls is really high and I cant wait to see what the future will bring.


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