Moschino Barbie and Ken

by Dutch Fashion Doll World

It all started in 2014 when Moschino showed a collection inspired by our favorite doll Barbie.

Schermafbeelding 2016-12-02 om 19.52.32.png

It was fun fashion and spot on. And there was a doll !!!!

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She was everything. The big hair, the Superstar Barbie face and dressed in one of the looks from the show. Only the people that were at that show on first row got this doll. And 2 years later she a still a very popular doll that goes for prices like $2500 – $3000 on Ebay.

The combination of Mattel and Moschino was a big hit and inspired many fashion editorials.

The collectors wanted more !!!

And we got more. BarbieStyle on Instagram showed us many great Moschino Inspired looks.

And in 2015 we (the collectors and Moschino fans) got our own dolls.

And they were perfect !!!


they were so much fun with all their accessories.


And the marketing around these dolls were perfect. Ok not perfect perfect because some of the dolls were sold a few weeks before the launch somewhere in Italy but that is kinda normal with Mattel. The cant keep a doll secret.

But the style of the pictures, the fun video and the Moschino capsule collection that was released at the same time it was all great.

And of course the dolls sold out very quick.

Barbie style didn’t stop after this release with the Moschino pictures.

We even saw Ken dressed in Moschino.

Will we get another Moschino doll !!!!

And yes. today we did . Of course it was on Ebay a few weeks ago because a Mexican store already sold them but lets just forget that.

Here she is.


Or better here they are. Because its a Moschino Barbie and Ken giftset.

They went on sale today at Barbie Collection, and some department stores around the world. The price is $200 and €240. And the edition size is 4300. Don’t be sad if you think you missed out because they are still for sale. And I think they will be for some time.

This set is inspired by a look that Jeremy Scott and model Stella Maxwell wore at the MTV Video Awards last year.


But for me its not working. The Ken is kinda cool and I think he will be a big hit under the Ken collectors but the Moschino Barbie doesn’t look like a collector doll. Not like the dolls we saw in the past. I am not a big fan of the dress. And after the cool dolls we got last year I really miss the fun accessories. Something Moschino is famous for. And then that face…. I don’t think this dolls will be a hit and I hope for Mattel I’m wrong but you don’t feel the Moschino vibe online at all the collector forums like with the previous dolls.

Even the promotion video looks a bit boring when you compare it with last years video.

Schermafbeelding 2016-12-02 om 20.47.28.png

But for the people who do like this set Moschino is also offering some Beach Towels with these dolls on their website for €86.00

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