OOAK Doll Festival Golden Ticket Sneak

by Dutch Fashion Doll World

It’s almost time for the Ooak Dol Festival in NY. And I am so excited to go to this event. Next week Thursday the fun will begin at the Crowne Plaza Hotel on Times Square, New York.

On the first evening of this event there will be a Golden Gala Opening Reception. With the return of the Golden Ticket !!!


More then 20 Ooak artists donated a doll for this event. Every conventioneer will get 20 golden tickets that they can use to win one of these dolls.

And I have pictures of 2 dolls that I can already show you guys.

The first lady is this amazing creation from the Ooak doll designer and very talented illustrator Thomas Soderberg.


Her name is Alexandra and she is such a classic beauty. I love her brocade silk teal colored gown.


The second lady is from the Ooak doll artist Rob Thompson.


This beauty is wearing a gorgeous purple ballgown with in a fine glitter tulle.


These two amazing artist will also bring their creations to the salesroom that will be open for the public on Saturday February 18 from 1-5pm. this salesroom is free to visit so please come by and visit us at the broadway Ballroom of the Holiday Inn Crown Plaza (on Broadway between 48th and 49th).

And also check out my dear friend Rebecca Berry’s blog because she has 2 other gorgeous ladies from the Golden Ticket event to show you.


Rebecca and I will cover this event together next week. So keep an eye on our blogs for news and sneaks. We also have been working on a very special project for this event together with our friend Hilda Westervelt from Bellissima Couture. But more about this project later.

for more information: http://www.ooakdollfestival.com