Back from Paris

by Dutch Fashion Doll World

Hi guys, yesterday evening I got back from Paris and I had such a great time.

Thank you Rebecca for taking over my blog!!!

What I love about Pars is that it’s all about traditions. Seeing my friends and have an amazing time in this great city. One of the traditions is going to Laduree after the lunch and getting a great desert.

And it was such a great doll year !!!. I am so in love with the 2 Sybarite sisters Reve Rose and Fanfares D’Amour.

And they are both in love with the event outfit.32601094223_4d5249afbb_k

I was also very lucky to find one of my holy grails in the salesroom this year.

Couture Salon.


There is aso another collection of dolls that I loved in the showroom and I have to show you guys. These dolls are from the Renaissance Haute Couture Collection by Fashion Doll Agency.

I loved this collection so much. The outfits are made from designer fabrics like Pucci and Dior.

And a big thank you to Sandra and Martijn. I am always amazed that we can get all our stuff in the car for our road trip back home.


For more pictures of this convention: