Convention Dolls 2017

by Dutch Fashion Doll World

So we saw 2 of the Convention dolls of this year last weekend. Paris and Japan.

And wow, so much commotion about these dolls online. Normally I keep away from the doll drama. For me collecting dolls is a hobby.

But here we go.

It’s a bad doll. Of course you can like it or even love her but when so many people don’t like the doll then it’s a bad design. The reveal of the doll was almost embarrassing. the WOW wasn’t there. I am speaking about how the people reacted in in Paris because I wasn’t in Japan.

Was this a problem for the convention itself ? No of course not. We go to convention to see our friends and to have fun. And most of the conventions here in Europe design their own extra convention doll and they are quite good in it. But this is not an argument for why this doll isn’t a good convention doll.

Do we have to many conventions all over the world. Yes, but only in the way that I can’t visit them all 😉  These conventions exist because people are attending. A lot of these conventions are quite young. Who knows what will happen in the future. personally I think the good ones will survive. I also tink you have to earn the right to get an official souvenir doll from Mattel as a convention and not automatically the first year you start one. But this is still not an excuse for this bad convention doll.

Then people are saying how unhappy people were in the past with the color variation dolls at European convention. But to be honest most of the people that were complaining about this were people that didn’t attend these conventions. And believe me when we get a color variation off a good collector doll we are really happy with it.

And then the Economic is so bad excuse. really…. You don’t sell your product because it’s not what collectors want. Find out what they want and take it in production

So what is the problem here. I think we the Barbie collectors are just not so important for Mattel as we like to think that we are. We are quite a niche market for them. And at the moment not that interesting. Playline is where they  should be making their money. So the focus is on that. You can also see this at the doll that Mattel donated for the auction this year in Paris.


There is nothing wrong with this doll but its more Playline then collector quality. O and don’t get me wrong if you are a collector that collect Playline dolls I think that is great. Only the majority of the collectors want something else.

So we got a cheap Playline doll as an convention doll. A doll with horrible seems and a poor constructed dress. The sad thing is that most of the collectors want something else. They feel that Mattel doesn’t understand them. Or even worse that they do understand them but just ignoring them.

So Playline is the future

Let’s just hope they can find a way at Mattel that these dolls will sell good. When they solved their Playline problems then maybe they can work on the Collectors Barbie.

O and before I forget. Google Haute Couture before you name a doll.