Japanese Barbie Convention 2017

by Dutch Fashion Doll World

So last weekend Paris was not the only convention. Also Japan had their convention last Sunday. I would love to go to this convention one year. It looks like so much fun.


I love it that so many people are doing the fashion show at this event. And wow the costumes are so good.

And look at all this amazing stuff in the Salesroom.

Mario and Gianni from Magia2000 were also in Japan and they brought some amazing dolls with them.

Love their Japanese animee inspired dolls and how cool is this Marie Antoinette.


Theyguys also brought an amazing lady for the life auction.

Here some more pictures of life and silence auction items.

I love the display and how gorgeous is this Silkstone dressed in a kimono by the talented artist Sakura.


There was also a doll competition.

And I was so honored when I saw my friend Kazuko Hosokawa displayed her doll she made at the Ooak Doll Festival in New York with one of my miniature bookcases.


Here is a picture of the centerpieces that were on the table during the lunch.


And the lunch itself looked so good.

And here some pictures of the convention doll that all the attendees got at the end of the lunch.

I love it how my doll friend on Flickr RockWan FR redressed her.

It looked all so much fun and I wish i was there. Maybe 2018….