Larry Torno Photo Volume Three

by Dutch Fashion Doll World

The photographer Larry Torno released a new book and this time its about his Barbie art photography.

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When Is A Doll Not A Doll presents select images from a 2009 gallery exhibition of 26 portraits of original Barbie dolls dating from 1959 – 1972. The year long project focused more on finding the inherent personality of each doll, and less on the trending fashion accessories. The result was a study in infusing lifelike characteristics to innate objects. As writer and art critic Kara Krekeler puts it, “look at them long enough, and you forget they’re plastic playthings.”

NeoClassically Barbie began with a collection of miscellaneous Barbie heads. Some of them have traditional doll hair and make-up while others are absent of paint and details. They were composed in relation to contemporary images to create square, single-shot photographs, not retouched in computer software.

Nudes began while I was preparing images for an exhibition and wondered if I had taken the Barbie series as far as I could. The answer was “No” and perception-versus-reality became the theme.

Thrift Store Dolls takes Barbie right off the shelf and into the studio for contemporary fashion shoots.

Classic 1959 looks back at a remake of the very first Barbie and her universal appeal.

The book is for sale at and here you can also see a preview.

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