Ooak Designers at IDC

by Dutch Fashion Doll World

There were a lot of Ooak Designers this year at IDC and they brought many gorgeous dolls. Here a few of my favorites.

Sebastian Atelier:

I love the work of this Designer from France. He dress his dolls in amazing French couture pieces.


Janka + Creator:

This Italian ooak Artist brought his dolls and jewelry pieces to the salesroom and I love his colorful presentation.


Lantis Kelly:

And of course the ladies from Lantis Kelly were there. An IDC showroom wouldn’t be complete without them.


Celano Alberto:

For me this was a new designer and I was very impressed by the quality of his work.

34519937371_11d9f7f643_o (1)

Black Swan Company:

The black Swan Company brought their Ballerina’s and Showgirls.


This are just a few of the amazing talent you could find in the showroom. For more pictures checkout my Flickr page: