by Dutch Fashion Doll World

Phyn & Aero the new doll brand by Robert Tonner presented today their new doll collection called Kadira. Kadira is created with artist and designer Andrew Yang.

This mysterious beauty makes her debut in a stunning video n their facebook page.

Schermafbeelding 2017-05-18 om 00.58.52


And I kinda like what I see. And want to know more about this beauty.

In the Video the doll is dress in three different gowns called Ophelia, Juliet and Titania.

And they asked collectors to vote for their favorite look. The style that is the most popular will be announced as a dressed doll in the premiere collection.

Here some more screenshots from the amazing promotion video.

My favorite is Ophelia. And I love the shots where the dolls closed her eyes.

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