Kult Doll Aiko

by Dutch Fashion Doll World

There is a new fashion Doll brand in town called Kult Doll. And today they released there first doll called Aiko.

So who is Kult Doll. According to the site Kult are 16″ resin Fashion BJD Dolls reflecting the evolution of fashion and perception of the moment. Building a curated selection of dolls, fashion, and accessories that are irreverent and desirable.

I am obsessed by all the sneaks they posted last month and when I saw the face of the first doll called Aiko I fell in Love.


Schermafbeelding 2018-01-02 om 00.15.39.png

I love their website and Instagram account that is filled with all these Japanese inspirational images.

And Aiko is the perfect fashion doll.

Schermafbeelding 2018-01-02 om 00.26.55

 LOVE has a new meaning . .. “

A poignant tale inspired by traditional Japanese NOH play, tells the story of a refined young lady, AIKO, who is haunted by unrequited love.  Consumed by love, hate and jealousy, she turns into a Hannya to seek revenge on her unfaithful lover.

And she comes with some amazing accessories and fashion pieces.

AIKO | 愛子 Doll ( new face & Gen.3 body )

Complete faceup and full body blushing

Inset hazel colored eyes

1 black bob wig ( by Chewin )

4 pairs of posing hands

1 red sweatshirt

1 red coat with gold embroidered “KULT

1 ko-omote mask

1 pair of socks and shoes

1 paper umbrella

Doll stand

And if you order her on the 1st or 2nd January you will get some amazing early bird gifts.

1 hannya mask

1 molded “faux leather” armor corset with belt

1 black/gold underwear
(please note fabric with defer slightly for production)

1 folding paper fan

SURPRISE gift item

for more information: http://www.kultdoll.com