London Fashion Doll Festival 2018 & 2019

by Dutch Fashion Doll World

Last Saturday the UK had their first London Fashion Doll Festival. It was a big succes. I could no attend myself but it was great seeing all the pictures that conventioneers posted on Facebook. Every conventioneer went home with a fun Fashion Giftset made by Sofia Kalaitzidi of Microsonik with assistance from the convention team. Kim London did the photography, the illustration is done by Claudio Coronado Turrubiates andgraphic designer Claudio Coronado made the print of the fabric.



Here a fun video how the fashion was made:

People who upgraded the event with the Superdoll package got an amazing convention doll called Absolem.


Her edition size is 40.

And today the London Fashion Doll Festival announced the date for the 2019 edition and a sneak of the theme.

It looks like that on 8-9th June 2019 we are going to Carnaby Street in the 60ties.

Fpr many pictures of the event last Saturday visit the Facebook page of the London Fashion Doll Festival.