SYBCON day 2

by Dutch Fashion Doll World

On Saturday we went to the Zetters Townhouse in London.

Here the guys revealed their new Chalk White collection.

picture by Instagram 354superdoll 

Schermafbeelding 2018-10-29 om 17.27.26.png

It was so special to see a complete Chalkwhite collection. Pictures were not allowed so let’s hope the new owners of these amazing creatures will post some pictures soon. The collection was called Conspicous. A collection of 9 dolls all Venus sculpt. The looks were HAUTE COUTURE to the max. They were all so different but still one collection. A lot of big mohair curly wigs in soft colors. And a cool mix of fabrics, think of rose petals, 80ties glam and Antique asian embroideries. The outfits were so smart and some of them had a fun twist like a gown that when you looked close was inspired by the construction of a men’s shirt but used in a totally different way.

Like Charles said, we saw were these glamorous beauties that just stept out their cab to enter Studio 54. No waiting in line for these beauties.

After many glasses of champagne and delicious finger food we all got this beauty.

picture by Facebook Superdol London 


Her name is Dandi. A resin doll with the new Inque sculpt. I was never a big fan of the Inque scuplt but I fell in love with this lady. She came in a gorgeous micro sequin gown. swan earrings, handbag and a fur dandelion cape.

This morning I deboxed her first. And love how Silence lingerie looks on her.