Pretty Woman

by Dutch Fashion Doll World

Denise from Mizi in America just told me some exciting news. Mizi Dolls is celebrating his first anniversary with a gorgeous giftset


her name is Pretty Woman.

Schermafbeelding 2018-12-12 om 08.22.12.png

here her official description by Jason&Dimon:

Sexy independent beautiful woman, she is a changeable complex,Look 1: velvet textured tights with luxurious boots, she is ready to show her sexiest side .Look 2: Special feather skirt, she is ready to go out to participate in the punk party, she is ready to show her the most authentic side . Look 3: Put on a grand evening gown, black skirt with some pink, she is ready to attend a luxurious dinner, at the moment she is the perfect symbol.

She is limited to 150 pieces worldwide.


her price will be $150 and she is available for pre-order now.

for more information :