2019 W Club registration

by Dutch Fashion Doll World

It is time to sign up for the new year of the W Club

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So for if you are not a member yet here a list why you should join.

As a W Club member, you know about first-to-know information, our exclusives, our forum, special events, lotteries and more. In addition to the standard benefits, we want to call out:
2019 W Club Exclusive Dolls: For 2019, every member will have an opportunity to pre-order at least 5 exclusive Club-only dolls, including 2 Fashion Royalty dolls (which may include NU. Face), 2 exclusive Poppy Parker dolls, and 1 additional exclusive doll, plus additional surprise items (in addition to the upgrade options), a variety of offers, privileges, special opportunities and offers throughout the year, from lines such as The Monarchs Homme collection!
$25 Coupon: Each W Club membership that you purchase will automatically add a special $25 coupon to your IT Direct Coupon Wallet that can be used towards ANY IT Direct shopping cart purchase of $99 or more online only during the 2019 W Club year!
That sounds good to me !!! And what are the costs. a basic membership is $50. But you can also upgrade you membership !!!
In addition to the 5 W Club exclusive dolls that will be made available later in the year, you get the opportunity to pre-order these new upgrade dolls today when you purchase your W Club memberships! Each membership that you purchase today gives you the right to pre-order up to one of each of the following! 
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So who are these upgrade dolls !!!!
French Kiss Vanessa Perrin
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Introducing French Kiss Vanessa Perrin, the newest offering from the Fashion Royalty® Collection by Integrity Toys, as designed by Jessy Ayala!
Always a fashion plate, Vanessa channels her favorite French movie star and brings on the ooh la la!
Item #91461
French Kiss
Vanessa Perrin® Dressed Doll
The Fashion Royalty® Collection
2019 W Club Upgrade
Body Type: FR 6.0
Head Sculpt: Vanessa 1.0
Quick Switch Feature: No
Skin Tone: Sunkissed
Hair Color: Sandy Blonde
Eyelashes: Yes, Hand-applied
Foot Sculpt: High-Heeled
Vanessa Perrin is a 12.5-inch articulated vinyl doll with luscious, flowing, fully rooted hair and hand-applied eyelashes. High-glam as always, Vanessa Perrin comes with a multilayered outfit that can be worn in many ways! Includes a plaid overdress with a separate slip dress underneath, high-heel ankle boots, socks, hoop earrings, a scrumptious “box” purse, a golden ring and an abstract cuff bracelet! Doll stand and certificate of authenticity included.
Level of Suspense Lukas Maverick
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Picked by 2018 members to become the 2019 upgrade doll, our man Lukas brings on the street smarts with a modern edge!
This handsome figure was designed by the talented Jessy Ayala of Integrity Toys. Bring home this ultra-versatile figure today!
Item #82114
Level of Suspense
Lukas Maverick™ Dressed Fashion Figure
The NU. Face™ Collection
2019 W Club Upgrade
Body Type: Homme 1.5
Head Sculpt: Lukas
Quick Switch Feature: No
Skin Tone: FR White
Hair Color: Caramel Blonde
Eyelashes: No
Lukas Maverick is a 12.5-inch articulated vinyl male figure featuring fully rooted hair. Lukas raises the attitude level to new heights, dressed in a re-invented biker inspired look! Wearing a custom designed meticulously detailed faux-leather jacket, over a classic white shirt and the latest, fully functional convertible pants (each section can be detached to create additional looks), Lukas is ready for his next big challenge! Faux-suede sneakers, eyeglasses, bag, double wallet chain with snake pendant detail, one earring, figure stand and certificate of authenticity also included.
Bossa Nova Beauty Poppy Parker
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 In 2019, Poppy Parker is back for part two of her role as a special agent Lotta Danger in the “The Girl from I.N.T.E.G.R.I.T.Y.: Mission Brazil” Collection! Designed by David Buttry, Poppy and her friends fly down to sunny Brazil, the land of Carnival and bossa nova, to uncover deep state secrets and expose the truth with the glamorous backdrop of sunshine-filled 1960’s Rio De Janeiro!
Item #PP150
Bossa Nova Beauty
Poppy Parker™ Dressed Doll
The Girl from I.N.T.E.G.R.I.T.Y.: Mission Brazil Collection
2019 W Club Upgrade
Body Type: Poppy Parker 1.5
Head Sculpt: Poppy Parker
Quick Switch Feature: No
Skin Tone: Hungarian
Hair Color: Raven
Eyelashes: Yes, Hand-applied
Foot Sculpt: Articulated ankle
Poppy Parker is a 12-inch fully articulated fashion doll with fully rooted hair and handapplied eyelashes. As our story opens, Poppy Parker, in her role as special agent Lotta Danger, is seen on stage singing one of the most memorable versions of The Girl From Ipanema in the entire history of bossa nova. As she steps down from her set to thunderous applause, she immediately signals her local contacts, the time for the secret rendez-vous is now! Poppy comes dressed in an elaborately embroidered gown and includes jewelry, golden kitten heels, a purse and a newly designed standup microphone. A special themed package was created just for this collection, too, setting the tone for the totally groovy saga on the horizon! Doll stand and certificate of authenticity included.
You have until the 3th of March to join.
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