Destiny got me in trouble

by Dutch Fashion Doll World

So this week this gorgeous gold box arrived.

Destiny the new Kingdom Doll arrived. And WoW what a doll or according to Facebook WoW what a real person. Yes this doll got me in trouble yesterday because I tried to post this picture in one of the Facebook groups.

And now I am in the famous Facebook jail. I think we have to see it as a big compliment. But since when did this world got so prude.

But back to this AMAZING LADY. I love everything about her and I have so much fun taking pictures of her. My phone loves her she is the perfect model.

And yes she does looks very real.

And I love my new picture editing app called Edit.lab

Yes I went a bit wild with the flair filters. But it is just to much fun.

Hope to be back on Facebook soon 😉

for more information about this lady: