JAMIEshow The Glam Collection

by Dutch Fashion Doll World

Yesterday JAMIEshow released their new Glam Collection. Designed by Owensu. A 16inch fashion doll collection. In this collection there 3 basic dolls available called Sofia, Veronika and Lan.

12 Outfits:

2 accessory packs:

6 wig styles that each comes in 3 different colors.

Is there a market for these dolls ? I am sure there is. Is it for me….. No. With Owen Su on board for this collection I had high hopes. Love what he did for the JamieShow Muses collection. They are young, divers and modern. This collection could have been released 10 years ago. I do love the 40ties vibes. But I think this only works if you stay very true to the style, colors, silhouettes and beauty of that time or use it as an inspiration and give it a modern twist what fashion houses like Marc Jacobs, Dries van Noten, Guy Laroche, Rochas and Prada do with this theme. The dolls themselves are nice. But they do look a lot like each other. at least a bit of diversity in skin color would have been nice.

for more information: http://www.jamieshow.us