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Barbie The Art of @BarbieStyle

The publishinghouse Assouline brings made again a Barbie book.

In 2010 they released the book Barbie. That was filed with amazing pictures of our favorite girl.

Schermafbeelding 2017-04-12 om 21.41.54.png

They even had a very limited edition for the collectors.

This new book is as pink as the first one. and is called The Art of @BarbieStyle. And is filled with the amazing pictures from the Barbie Style Instagram account.

Schermafbeelding 2017-04-12 om 21.30.43

The Art of @BarbieStyle is a lively and charming volume showcasing hundreds of beautifully detailed and accessorized lifestyle images from the @BarbieStyle Instagram page, vividly illustrating the modern identity and unique point of view of Barbie, following her fun and fashionable adventures around the world with her Girl Squad. Featuring inspiring quotes from prominent fashion designers, models, photographers, stylists, editors, and global celebrities, and texts written by Barbie herself, presenting her a affirmation outlook on life, travel, and the importance of celebrating special times with good friends.

this book will be released on the first off May and is now available for pre-order at Amazon.co.uk for £38.00



La Vie En Blue Elyse Jolie Redhead

So today the W-club members have the opportunity to enter a lottery for a very special lady. A hair color variation on La Vie En Blue Elyse Jolie.


I love the original blond doll and this red head is such a must have for me

We don’t know a lot about this new line yet but here a small list off what we know.

-This line is to celebrate Jason Wu’s 10th anniversary.

-People that attended last years convention could order the first dol in this collection La Vie En Bleu Elyse Jolie

-The Edition size from La Ve En Blue is 370

– She was the first doll from IT with the new Velvet Touch skin.

So that is what we know…. What I love about La Vie En Blue is that the doll, the fashion and how it is presented feels so luxurious. And I love that the design is a replica from a Jason Wu dress from the Pre-Fall 2016 collection


So now the rumors no facts.

-This Line will have 10 dolls.

I kinda like this and it sounds very logical. So maybe 10 looks from every year 1

-Elyse Jolie won’t be the only character in this collection but it wil be a mix.

I really hope so. I love this Elyse Jolie but it would be fun to see more different faces.

-The dolls will be sold in exclusive boutiques around the world.

Love this concept and it really seems to fit this collection. But as a collector I am already panicing a bit. How, When, Where ??? and Wil they also be sold online. It would be logical they they will sell the dolls in shops that are carrying his collection.

I cant wait to see how this collection will turn out. There so many amazing Jason Wu looks that I would love to have in miniature.

And what a great way for us collectors to celebrate this 10th anniversary


new Robert Best Barbie sketches products

I looks like that Mattel is selling their licenses like crazy these days. Especially the Robert Best sketches. I don’t know if this is a good sign but I like it.

In Poland they released some very cute Coffee/Tea and Travel mugs.


They are sold online at Dajar for 10.90zt and 29.90zt. So that is $2.75 and $7.50

In Japan the lingerie brand Parfage released a Barbie collection.


They didn’t used the illustration on the lingerie itself. The collection is all about flower patterns.

Schermafbeelding 2017-04-08 om 23.41.42

But in al the visual communication and the presentation in they shops you will find our favorite silkies.

Schermafbeelding 2017-04-08 om 23.30.43


East 59th

Yesterday Integrity Toys released a new collection called East 59th. And I love it !!!!


Featuring elaborate vintage-inspired looks created by Integrity Toys designer Chris Stoeckel and a storyline he collaborated on with Alain Tremblay, the EAST 59th collection promises to take us back in time to chic and swanky 1950’s New York, where the bold personalities of the talented individuals involved in the modeling, advertising and PR scene clash for a bigger share of the marketing pie! Everyone from newcomers seeking to be discovered and chasing the American Dream to socialites wanting a bigger presence in the high-society pages of top fashion magazines will stop at nothing to be noticed! This is where we come in… and where Victoire Roux will enter later…

The world of East 59th promises to be one of the most intricate dramas created by the Integrity Toys design team. With the brand new setting of the 1950’s most fashionable New York scenes, the social climbers and ambitious souls whose lives clash on EAST 59th all strive for the same things: fame and fortune!

In this first chapter of the story, we meet Evelyn Weaverton, an innocent yet sophisticated beauty and newcomer to the Big Apple, whose life is about to be turned upside down as she is discovered by Laird Drake himself, head honcho of the famous Drake Model Agency… The rest, as they say, is history!

This first collection brings us 4 dolls and the 2 new characters:
Luxurious Leisure
Constance Madssen™ Dressed Doll
The East 59th™ Collection
Approximate Ship Date: Summer 2017
Edition Size: 400 Dolls Worldwide
Suggested Retail Price: $135.00 US

Classic Glamour
Evelyn Weaverton™ Dressed Doll
The East 59th™ Collection
Approximate Ship Date: Summer 2017
Edition Size: 400 Dolls Worldwide
Suggested Retail Price: $135.00 US

Glittering Gala
Evelyn Weaverton™ Dressed Doll
The East 59th™ Collection
Approximate Ship Date: Summer 2017
Edition Size: 400 Dolls Worldwide
Suggested Retail Price: $135.00 US

Captivating Cocktails
Constance Madssen™ Dressed Doll
The East 59th™ Collection
Approximate Ship Date: Summer 2017
Edition Size: 400 Dolls Worldwide
Suggested Retail Price: $135.00 US

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this new collection and I am very excited that we will see Victoire Roux back later. And How cool are all accessories. I love that the outfits can change into a day and evening look.

Today the Designer Chris Stoeckel held a Q&A on the W-club forum where he answered many questions about this new line of dolls. Here some of the information that was given by Chris.

-The new body used the entire torso and bust from the Victoire body, but with a slightly modified waistline. It was more of a shape rather than size change. All of Victoire’s clothing fits the new body perfectly.The other change is the legs. The former body didn’t have as good a transition from the hip of the torso to the upper thigh. With the new legs, it’s a much more smooth and esthetically pleasing transition. The new foot can also use all the older shoes, it’s just a prettier sculpt. One other important new feature is the hip joint. It has the ball and socket similar to the newer FR bodies so it adds more posability to the leg. It is also of course, like the FR body in that it will fully disassemble.

-In the future we will definitely see Laird Drake (head of Drake Model Agency) added to the collection. Laird will be a new sculpt.

-The dolls share the lower leg with THE INDUSTRY, so they will be able to share shoes. And the upper leg is Poppy’s

-Victoire will be joining the Drake agency in next years line

-Possibly some surprises at convention

-Many different styles of shoes are coming, including the phenomenal little hand made shoes that Integrity Toys has become well known for.
The main concept behind this line was “metamorphosis” and offering many play options.

-Constance is of Scandinavian descent, hence the great cheekbones!!

-The plan is to include character of various ethnic backgrounds, New York in the 50’s was a melting pot (as it always has been) and diversity is very important to this company. Please stay tuned, more character are coming!

If you are interested in these new ladies. they are available at Integrity Toys dealers. Some are already sold out so act quick

2 shops that still have them in Europe are:



Fashion Fairytaile

So last Sunday convention registration opened for the Wclub members.

This years theme is Fashion Fairytale.


The convention will take place on October 18-21 in Orlando, Florida.

Once upon a time, there were little fashionistas who love to tell a good story and dress the part for it! Always on trend, these girls and boys know how to dress to impress… And they lived fashionably ever after!

Join the characters of Fashion Royalty, Poppy Parker, NU. Face and THE INDUSTRY on a weekend adventure like no other as they are set to explore what dream like style can be, inspiring themselves from well known fairytales and other beloved fantastic stories to truly express their creativity!

This year the convention is limited to only 500 spots.

Some exciting news that they already gave W-club members in the registration email were:

– This year Poppy parker will make an appearance of two in the new revamped Style Lab collection featuring the characters from THE INDUSTRY.

-An opportunity for fans with budding design talent to enter their revamped annual design contest, no matter if you are attending convention or not.

-And the offer of a very special convention upgrade doll giftset that will be available for everyone, convention goers and non-goers alike.

The convention hotel from this year is The Hyatt Regency Orlando.

But lets tak about the gift set, the 2017 convention upgrade. Every member of the W-club is allowed to order this gift set called Fashionably  Ruthless. The doll is designed by Jason Wu

Item # 91431
Fashionably Ruthless
Tatyana Alexandrova™  Dressed Doll Gift Set
The Fashion Royalty® Collection
2017 Fashion Fairytale Upgrade
Limited Edition Size: TBA (Based on total orders received)
Delivery Date:
Approximately Late October 2017
Special Pricing:
$200.00 + Shipping and Handling Per Gift Set (For Non-Attendees)*
$175.00 + Shipping and Handling Per Gift Set (For Attendees Only)*
Head Sculpt: Tatyana Alexandrova™ 2.0
Body Type: FR V6.0
Skintone: Porcelain
Hair Color: Platinum with Streak of Raven
Eyelashes: Yes
Quickswitch: No

The gift set is based on Cruella de Ville. And they sneaked us some sketches from the doll made by Jason Kramer.

It looks like this doll was inspired by an Russian Vogue editorial from 2011 with the model Alla Kostromichova by the photographer Jason Kibber and Stylist Olga Dunina.

The convention theme itself is not my personal “favorite”. But I am sure they will do an amazing job with their dolls. And if some of them are inspired by the work of one of my favorite photographers Tim Walker, who is for me the perfect combination between fashion and fairytales then I will be very excited. Because yes I will be joining this years fun in Orlando!!!!!!!

So registration was sold out for this convention in 2 hours. But if you really want to go then there is still a chance. From now Integrity Toys is opening heir waiting list to the public.

for more information:


Black and White Tweed Suit

So last night without any official announcement of The Barbie Collection or Mattel a new Silkstone went on sale. Her name is Black and White Tweed Suit.

download (1)

This redheaded beauty is impeccably dressed in a chic double-breasted tweed jacket with peplum detailing. The jacket is paired with a matching skirt, sheer black stockings and golden chain-accented pumps.  A chiffon polka dot shirt with bow tie adds a modern touch accented by golden “pearl” earrings, satin black gloves and a fashionable white hat. A beautiful black handbag with golden charm completes the elegant and powerful look.  Features posable genuine Silkstone® body.

  • Body Type: Posable Silkstone®
  • Facial sculpt: Vintage Silkstone
  • Fashion Sewn On: No
  • Fashion: Double-breasted tweed jacket with peplum detailing, matching skirt,chiffon polka dot shirt with bow tie, satin black gloves and a fashionable white hat.
  • Accessories: Hat, earrings, purse, shoes, gloves
  • Doll Stand: Yes
  • Package Dimensions (H/D/W): 13.5“ x 2.25“x 8.5“

Her price is 75$

i think its a nice doll. I love the hair color. She is wearing a great suit. The shoes are adorable and I love Bag and the polkadot bow.

The Hat….. I love a hat but I think this one is to white.

If she wasn’t on this new body I would have bought.

IRL pictures were already floating around online for a few weeks now.


And if you google you can also find pictures from her sister Blush And Gold Dress.

for more information: http://www.thebarbiecollection.com

1:6 Color magic giftset miniature

My dolls collect dolls and today they got a package from Italy. Big Eyes Poppy Parker was the lucky one to play with this new doll first.


This 1:6 Color magic giftset miniature is made by the very talented Italian artists Mauro from Me and My dolls.

The details on this set are amazing. The fashion are made of fabric and the miniature doll has real hair !!!


If you are interested in this set you have to be fast. Mauro’s miniatures always sell out fast.

While I am writing this there is just one left in his Etsy shop.

for more information: www.etsy.com/shop/memyd