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Barbie Sixty Years of Inspiration

Today Assouline released their new Spring Catalog.

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Where they introduced the Legends Collection.

Assouline’s Legends Collection showcases the mythic eras,

artists, and high society of our world.

These slipcased tomes are essentials for the cultural tastemaker.

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And what do we see there…. a NEW BARBIE BOOK !!!!

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Born March 9, 1959, Barbie arrived on the scene and took the world by storm. Conceived as a new kind of doll for a
more grown-up mode of play, Barbie reflects the aspirations of generations of children and the expansion of women’s
roles in society. A journey through seven decades of style, Barbie: Sixty Years of Inspiration highlights Barbie’s impact
on cultural trends and illustrates her inspiring message of female empowerment. Curating dynamic images from
Mattel archives alongside social events, this anniversary edition connects the history of Barbie with the moments in
each decade that have led to the advancement of modern women. Text by Susan Shapiro | 11 x 14 in – 28 x 35.5 cm
320 pages | 300 illustrations | cloth hardcover in a luxury slipcase | ISBN: 9781614287575 | $175 – €175 – £135

I LOVE !!! the Barbie books they released in the past so I can’t wait to get this one.

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for more information: http://www.assouline.com

Designer Barbie Miniatures

Some of my favorite Barbie dolls are the Designer Barbie dolls. I think the new YSL dolls are the best Mattel released this year.

And I just had to recreate them in miniature. So my dolls had some new dolls to play with. And just like me when my dolls like a doll they want more 😉

So I ended up recreating all my favorite Designer Barbie dolls from the past.


With matching Designer Barbie shopping bags.


If you are interested in these miniatures I made 10 more sets from the miniature Barbie dolls and the designer Barbie shopping bags. And 10 sets from just the designer Barbie Shopping bags.


In the first set you will find the following 25 miniatures.

Barbie Miniatures:
3 x YSL Barbie
1 x Sophia Webster Barbie
1 x Karl Lagerfeld Barbie
1 x Coach Barbie
1 x Coach Barbie Handbag Pack
1 x Charlotte Olympia Barbie
4 x Moschino Barbie
3 x Christian Louboutin Barbie
1 x Christian Louboutin Shoe Pack
1 x Herve Leger

Barbie Miniature Shopping Bag
1 x Sophia Webster
1 x Christian Louboutin
1 x Herve Leger
1 x Moschino
1 x Karl Lagerfeld
1 x Coach
1 x YSL
1 x Charlotte Olympia

And in the second set you will find the following 8 Barbie designer shopping bags:

1 x Sophia Webster
1 x Christian Louboutin
1 x Herve Leger
1 x Moschino
1 x Karl Lagerfeld
1 x Coach
1 x YSL
1 x Charlotte Olympia


Only 10 sets available from each set and ready to ship.

for more information check out my Etsy store.


Divinely Luminous

This week the Wclub had their Dolly days. With every day some fun doll surprises. But the BIG BANG was revealed at the final day.

A new addition to the Sacred Lotus collection !!!


And here she is Divinely Luminous Elyse Jolie.


I think she is so gorgeous !!!! She is wearing a rose golden color variation from Divinity Isha Kalpana Narayanan. An outfit inspired by Jean Paul Gaultier Haute Couture Fall 2017.

The Story:
Elyse could not miss Isha’s big return and was more than happy to attend the premiere of her new movie, Sacred Lotus!
As a nod to her good friend’s success, Elyse decided to make Isha’s key look from the movie her own, but push the glam factor into overdrive with the addition of even more golden jewelry and a change of shoes, to better participate in the Bollywood dance choreography at the cast party! Elyse had fun until the wee hours of the morning and looked absolutely fabulous doing it!
  • 12.5″ fully articulated doll with fully rooted hair and hand-applied eyelashes;
  • Tulle gown with light gold sparkle threads woven in and petal patterned lace underlay;
  • Golden belt with detailed “gold” buckle;
  • “Gold” and “ruby” jeweled hair chain;
  • “Gold” and “ruby” statement earrings;
  • Seven “gold” bangle bracelets with “ruby” insets;
  • Two large “gold” bracelets with “ruby” insets;
  • Oversized “gold” statement ring with “ruby” inset;
  • Light “gold” metallic clutch with “jeweled” chain detail;
  • Pair of clear/light metallic pumps;
  • Alternate pair of traditional Indian inspired slippers;
  • Set of interchangeable Henna tattooed forearms and hands;
  • Alternate set of interchangeable non-tattooed forearms with removable pair of new long-nailed hands;
  • Set of interchangeable high-heeled lower legs;
  • Alternate set of interchangeable lower legs with flat feet;
  • Doll stand;
  • Certificate of authenticity.

And every 2018 W Club member is guaranteed the right to pre-order one doll per membership!

her price is $155




Garnet & Lustre

Tomorrow Superdoll London is releasing two gorgeous ladies Just in time for the Holidays.


Garnet (Inque) is wearing an amazing red ballgown covered with flowers. And I love her hairstyle.


And look at these red boots.


And how gorgeous is that face from Lustre (Venus)


They wil both go on sale on Friday the 14th at 15:00 (GMT)



“Night of Opera”

Thi Morning Lovetones came with some amazing news. They will releasing 2 new dolls from the new collection 2018 Haute Couture Night of Opera.

Schermafbeelding 2018-12-13 om 16.24.08.png

Lena and Roxy will be released in a very limited edition for this collection. Only 35 pieces of each !!! And the release day is TODAY Dec 13th, PM12:00(EST) !!!!!!!!!



I LOVE the under lashes.

And the fashions !!!


Schermafbeelding 2018-12-13 om 16.23.54

12” Dressed Doll Limited Edition : 35 / Price US$350
Outfits Included :
Black Dot Tulle Dress
Black Sequined Midi Dress
Black Corset
Long Wrap-Around High Heels 
Ankle Fastened High Heels with Metal Circlets(separate)
Mini Vanity(hand box)
Feather Headpiece
Metal Belt with Silk Ribbon 
Doll Stand
Certificate of Authenticity


Schermafbeelding 2018-12-13 om 16.23.43

12” Dressed Doll Limited Edition : 35 / Price US$350
Outfits Included :
Ivory Dot Tulle Dress
Nude Pink Sequined Midi Dress
Pink Corset
Long Wrap-Around High Heels 
Ankle Fastened High Heels with Metal Circlets(separate)
Mini Vanity(hand box)
Feather Headpiece
Metal Belt with Silk Ribbon 
Doll Stand
Certificate of Authenticity

for more information: http://www.lovetones.com

Pretty Woman

Denise from Mizi in America just told me some exciting news. Mizi Dolls is celebrating his first anniversary with a gorgeous giftset


her name is Pretty Woman.

Schermafbeelding 2018-12-12 om 08.22.12.png

here her official description by Jason&Dimon:

Sexy independent beautiful woman, she is a changeable complex,Look 1: velvet textured tights with luxurious boots, she is ready to show her sexiest side .Look 2: Special feather skirt, she is ready to go out to participate in the punk party, she is ready to show her the most authentic side . Look 3: Put on a grand evening gown, black skirt with some pink, she is ready to attend a luxurious dinner, at the moment she is the perfect symbol.

She is limited to 150 pieces worldwide.


her price will be $150 and she is available for pre-order now.

for more information : http://www.denisesdolls.com

Golden Mistletoe & Poinsettia

Today Superdoll London released 2 studio pieces at their website. Just in time for Christmas.


And Noxia is modeling them both.

Golden Mistletoe

NOXIA is excited to be wearing her favourite Holiday Cocktail dress!
This sale is for Dress, Coat, Hose, Shoes, Headpiece and Handbag.


NOXIA is excited to be wearing her second party dress for the vestive season!
This sale is for Dress, Jacket, Hose, Shoes, Headpiece and Handbag.

Of course both fashions were sold out in seconds 😉

for more information : http://www.superdollonline.co.uk