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Barbie & Hankyu

The Japanese department store Hankyu in Osaka has a Barbie event where they dressed 11 Barbie dolls in miniature version by different fashion brand. The dolls are not for sale but you get a lottery ticket for them when you shop for 15,000 yen or more from these fashion brands and win them.


The Fashion brands that they work with this event are: Untitled, Fray I.D, Luftrobe, Apros&co New York, Maglie par Efdé and Chubby Curvy.

The dolls will be on display in the store until the 28th this month.

for more information: web.hh-online.jp

Jason Wu at Bergdorf Goodman

This morning 2 dolls went for sale at the Bergdorf and Goodman website. These dolls are part of a collection designed to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Jason Wu as a Fashion Designer.

With this kind of releases you never know how it goes. Especially with limited edition sizes like 200. But many of us were prepared. There were a few tiny “problems” like the dolls didn’t show up when you search for them by using the searching function on the website. You had to go to the designer alphabet and then select Jason Wu. They didn’t put them all on the site at once. So at one point they were sold out and orders got canceled and then 10 minutes later they were available again. And some collectors had problems with shipping adreses out off the US and Canada.

But these kind of things always happens.

So here are the ladies, both Elise Jolie.

There was a day look that I loved. Inspired by a look from Jason Wu’s Spring Summer 2011 collection.


I love her pants and the cool shoes.


The doll is exactly styled as the model who showed this look at the catwalk.

And there was this amazing evening look from the Fall Winter 2011 collection.


And wow I love her face so much.


And also this doll was styled exactly as the model on the catwalk.

There still 2 looks in this collection that has to come out. So the collecting stress is not over yet ūüėČ


Table Gifts

Convention season is almost over. It was such a fun year and of course we are already planning our 2018 doll conventions.

One of the fun traditions is table gifts and I updated my Etsy shop with some new miniatures.


These miniatures come in sets of 10. So one for everybody at your table.

I have made some miniatures for the Silkstone, Vintage Barbie and Designer Barbie fans.

And you can always contact me if you have another idea for miniatures that you want to bring to your table.



There is a new Fashion Doll in town and she is not a toy.


Her name is Femina and she is the new Ball Jointed Art Doll by Janka Creator’s.

Yesterday evening Femina had her first event were she was showed to the world. The event took place in Circolo Degli Artisti in Torino.

The event showed the first collection of ooak dolls and there was a beautiful exposition of some amazing art pictures.

Here is a short fashion film about Femina that was showed at this event.

Today they launched Femina’s website where you can order your own personalised doll.


You can order her blanco so you can customised her yourself or you can order her with different styles of make-up, eyes, wigs, shoes accessories and fashion.

For more information about this gorgeous new fashion doll go to http://www.jankacreator.com



Lily Brown & Barbie

For the second time this year the Japanese brand Lily Brown released a Barbie collection. And again they used a lot off the vintage Barbie Illustrations.

My favorite style is the nude dress with the polkadots.

If you are interested in these items act fast. Because The first collection sold out quite fast.





for more infrmation:  http://www.lily-brw.com


The Vanity Case

This weekend the most fabulous doll event of the year took place in the UK. It was time for the Convention by Superdoll. This years theme was The Vanity Case. And wow they had so much amazing events and dolls for their conventioneers.

With Superdoll everything is always Over the top Fabulous. It all started with the most perfect location. This year the convention took place in The Oakley Court in Windsor. methodetimesprodmigrationwebbinc82d5067-b254-32b1-a2b7-32a29fe3ad56-1

In this Victorian Gothic Country House many famous movies were filmed like Dracula and the Rocky Horror Show.

On Thursday the first event took place in this hotel.

A gorgeous Photography Exhibit by Carl Doghouse.


This event was hosted by the collector Izzy and many fun prices were raffled. The main price was a gorgeous Ooak Sybarite.


And all attendees got the red version of this fabulous bustier with the iconic Sybarite mirrors. The black version of this bustier was also available for the conventioneers.

On Friday it was time for some salon shopping. Superdoll brought some amazing fashion and accessories to this event. and in the evening the conventioneers got their first event doll. The beautiful Lucius.


And all conventioneers got a the opportunity to buy her sister the amazing Tempest.


After this event it was movie night and the conventioneers got a miniature perfume bottle from the Sybarite perfume and a silver hand mirror.


On Saturday the conventioneers (all dressed up in stunning costumes) were picked up by a big limo for the next event. And when the conventioneers walked in the dining room they saw this gorgeous Sybarite doll that was riding a horse.

5 off these spectacular centerpieces were raffled during the evening.

On the beautiful decorated tables the conventioneers found the first gift of the evening. 4 mirrored handbags.

After the diner it was time for a Chalk White¬†exposition. I was told it was a spectacular collection and I hope that the some pictures off these wonderful creatures will turning up on FB and the doll boards. Can’t wait to see them.

And then it was time for the event doll. If you read this while you are walking or just standing somewhere please sit down. Because WOW this is something very special.

Here she is the amazing Windsor.


BAM. Ok I don’t have enough words to express how fabulous this doll is. She is SOOOOO SPECIAL.


And how cool is this mask !!!! For me this doll is everything. The pompadour style, Pink, The amazing beaded fabric. Her powdery face and that cute hart shaped beauty spot. I have to admit that I got a preview from this beauty a few months ago. Superdoll asked me to create a miniature for this event. And I was so honored that they asked me for this. So at this event everybody got a miniature with this lady inside

And if this was not enough there was another doll. A gorgeous companion doll that all conventioneers could buy.

Her name is Vienna and she is the perfect sister for Windsor.


And how cool is this picture from both ladies riding on the horses.


The next day it was time for the final event. A brunch were the conventioneers got to see some new upcoming dolls. And they were able to buy a giftset with the first to Generation X Inque and Voltaire.


And all conventioneers got this cool wig stand set.


What an amazing event. How lucky are we collectors to have an original creative brand like this in the doll community.

Pictures are by Superdoll London, Drama Queen Productions and my friend Sandra.

for more information:








Jason Wu 10th Anniversary dolls

So yesterday this new doll from Jason Wu went on sale at Net a Porter Asia.


She was sold out in minutes. And this morning she went on sale in Europe and in the USA.  This doll is part off the 10th Jason Wu Anniversary collection.

last years fall they announced this new collection off dolls during the Integrity Toys convention. Where they showed the first doll from this collection called La Vie En Blue Elyse Jolie.


And at the beginning off this year they made a red hair color variation for the W club members. These new dolls all have the new velvet touch skin.

So Yesterdays doll was doll nr 3. And there will be 4 more !!!

Each off the dolls will feature the Elyse Jolie sculpt.¬†one that¬†Jason¬†has called his miniature “muse” and are on the Fashion Royalty FR 6.0 body.

Each of the five dolls will be done in an ultra-limited edition of 200 dolls per look and will retail for $225 per doll.

Two dolls, one dressed in an evening look and other in daywear, will be available through Bergdorf Goodman, who is no stranger to these collaborations, having previously partnered with¬†Wu¬†on collector dolls to celebrate “Fashion’s Night Out”. One will be available through Net-a-Porter (the one that was released yesterday) , one through Nordstrom and one will be exclusive to¬†Wu‘s website at JasonWu.com.

The four dolls that still have to come will be dressed in these Jason Wu runway looks.

Spring Summer 2008:


Fall Winter 2011:


Spring Summer 2011:


fall winter 2013: