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Victoria London “Lunch at The Glade”

So last Sunday the Monarch Victoria London – Cocktails at The Shard went on sale. Of course this beauty sold out in minutes. But if you missed out you will have a new chance tomorrow. Because tomorrow her sister Victoria London “Lunch at The Glade” will go on sale.


Victoria London “Lunch at The Glade” comes with blue eyes, a different wig and color variation outfit. The edition size of this doll is 25.

It had been several months since all four of them had been able to meet up together, so when Henriette De Vere (known simply as Harri) suggested lunch at The Glade Vix jumped at the opportunity. Although she had visited The Gallery in Sketch she had yet to sample the delights of The Glade. Entering the room was a feast for the senses and like walking into a magical forest. Under foot the textual carpet resembled a grass and moss covered forest floor whilst the walls were covered in murals depicting enchanted woodlands. Spotting Harri across the room in her usual pose, phone in hand capturing the next moment in her life to share with her legion of fans on her Instagram feed, Vix couldn’t help but smile. Although she preferred to keep her private life just that, there was something endearing and joyous about how enthusiastically Harry shared every waking moment of her own life with her avid followers. The other two were already seated, Georgie as chic as ever whilst Katherine appeared to be scoping out the place as a potential venue for the latest high profile launch party she was organising! Settling into a luxurious sofa with decadently plump cushions in jewel tones, Vix reflected on how fortunate she was to have such colourful and genuine friends in her life, it was never going to be boring!

Schermafbeelding 2019-07-03 om 22.35.45

Character- Victoria London
Resin Shade- Dark Galaxy
Wig Colour- Sable brown with caramel and golden blonde ombre effect
Eye Colour- Smokey shadows of Prussian and steel blue with a hint of soft mauve pink frame dark rimmed pale blue eyes
Lips- Chateau rose with pale rose quartz highlight
Clothing- Luxurious Cashmere rose satin jumpsuit, lined in cornflower blue and embellished with tonal beading
Shoes- Hand sculpted and cast resin shoes in cornflower blue
Jewellery- Filigree gold coloured arm cuff with rhinestone accents
Handbag- Pale caramel metallic bag with magnetic catch and inset panels of pastel pink. Pale pink pearl beaded handle with pastel pink strap
Stand- White resin base with gold Monarch logo. Pole with white saddle.
Price – $650

Schermafbeelding 2019-07-03 om 22.47.21.png

She will go on sale tomorrow Thursday the 4th at 6pm UK time by mail.

for more information: http://www.kdmonarchs.com

2019 IFDC Integrity Toys dolls

This weekend it was IFDC, the International Fashion Doll Convention in Las Vegas. This year the theme was Fabulous 40’s Felines.


And like every year Integrity Toys had some amazing dolls for this convention.

On Friday thy had a special bonus in the salesroom.

a make-up and violet hair color variation of “Beyond This Planet” Violaine Perrin, a final “ovation” for the NU. FACE Counter Culture collection designed by the talented Jessy Ayala!


Her edition size is 800 and her W Club Price is $140. Yes the dolls that are leftover from this convention will be available for members at the W Club by a right-to-buy lottery.

And yesterday the convention collection was revealed. This year designer by Vaughn Sawyers. And he brought back the Monogram Collection. I think the last time we saw dolls from this collection was in 2013 in the convention collection.


The first doll is Glamour Puss she is the companion doll.


Glamour Puss is a gal that won’t take no for an answer. Always the seductress, this lady gets her man every single time, day or night, with her delicately tailored, yet a little bit scandalous ensemble which frames that perfect figure and those long gams of hers in just the right places!

unnamed (63)

Her edition size is 500 and her price is $160

Inspired by 1947 Jacques Fath. (found by Nata-leto on Flickr)


The Centerpiece doll is called Dish.


As soon as the sun sets on her 5th avenue penthouse, this high-society gal sits alone in her boudoir, relaxing with her favorite cocktail in-hand, as she serves a hot dish of fresh gossip to her girlfriends on the phone!

unnamed (70)

Her edition size is 400 and her price is $165

And the convention doll is called Grandstanding


As soon as she makes her entrance on the silver screen, the audiences are in awe. Serving more attitude than any other, this gal knows how to captivate and make her presence known. The glamour level just goes through the roof wherever she goes!

unnamed (77)

Her edition size is 500 and her price is $175

Inspired by vintage Jean Desses (found by Nata-leto on Flickr)

Schermafbeelding 2019-06-30 om 14.57.56

I think Integrity Toys did an amazing job with these 3 ladies.


The Witch

So today Mizi Doll released the images from the second doll in the Royal Ever After collection. And her name is The Witch. Normally I am not into fairytale dolls. But I have to have this beauty.


What I love about this collection is that Mizi Doll is going back to the vintage inspired designs.


She is such a glamorous Witch with her black zilver dress, her red lips and the silver grey streak in her raven hair.

her edition size is 150 and her price is $119.

From today she is available for preorder at the Mizzi Doll dealer.

for more information http://www.mizidoll.com

Pidgin Summer 2019 collection

Pidgin doll just released the Summer 2019 collection. 12 amazing beauties. All so different and fabulous in their own way. It is hard to choose a favorite.But I think mine is Remy. A gorgeous redhead with green eyes.


Here an overview of this amazing collection:

for more information : http://www.pidgindoll.com

Victoria London

Kingdom Doll updated their Monarch site today and they are introducing a new lady called Victoria London !!!!!

Schermafbeelding 2019-06-26 om 23.05.50.png

So for everybody who doesn’t know what the Monarch dolls are. I can’t believe this but   it is still quite a new doll line. The Monarchs are a new 12 inch royal blooded fashion doll in resin. The first doll was released at the beginning of this year. Her name is Georgiana Devonshire and she turned me into a collector that now plays with his dolls. My dollroom was always very organized. But these days the floor is covered with fashions. I Love taking pictures of her, she looks so good in everything. And a lot of fashions from other doll companies are a perfect fit. I tried fashions from vintage Barbie, Silkstone Barbie, Lovetones, Mizi Dolls, Victoire Roux and many more. And I love that you can play with wigs and give her a totally different look.

Here a few of my favorite pictures I took of her the last months.

So now lets talk about Victoria !!!! Who is she ? According to her biography on the website she is born in Jamaica, Victoria and her family moved to the UK when she was 8 years old. She acquired her nickname Vix from her maternal grandmother who always called her Vixen as she was always being admonished for being naughty as a child! Excelling in school, her family thought she would follow in their footsteps into a career in medicine but Vix followed her own path. Even as a child, she was always an advocate for those unable to speak up for themselves. Into adulthood it was a natural choice to pursue a career in political activism, becoming a spokesperson for increased racial and gender diversity within advertising, the effects this has on Britain’s youth and challenging the stereotypical views advertisers often project.

The first doll that will be released next Sunday is Victoria London – Cocktails at The Shard.


Stepping out of the elevator on the 52nd floor of The Shard, Vix scanned the room for her dear friend, Georgie. It had been a momentous week. After months of preparation she had finally given her presentation to the assembled world leaders at No. 10. The choice of the GŎNG cocktail bar had been an easy one. To celebrate this hard fort victory here with her closest friend and have this stunning city laid out in lights beneath her was awe-inspiring. London was not just her name and her home but the city was her inspiration and salvation. Taking a sip of the GŎNG’s iconic Black and Blue Swizzle (an unusual combination of whiskey, honey, lime, sherry and blue cheese) whilst taking in the spectacular panorama that is the London skyline from St. Paul’s to London Bridge, she mused that life really doesn’t get better than this!


Cocktails at The Shard – Limited Edition 50
Character- Victoria London
Resin Shade- Dark Galaxy
Wig Colour- Raven black
Eye Colour- Pale sage green
Lips- Blackberry with pale amethyst highlight
Fashion- Luxurious slate taupe satin jumpsuit, lined in orchid and embellished with tonal beading
Shoes- hand sculpted and cast resin shoes in orchid
Jewellery- Filigree gold coloured arm cuff with rhinestone accents
Handbag- Gunmetal taupe metallic bag with magnetic catch and inset panels of berry. Mauve pearl beaded handle with berry strap

Schermafbeelding 2019-06-26 om 22.31.10

I love everything about her. She will go on sale this Sunday on the 30-06-2019. When you are interested in buying this gorgeous lady you have to send an email this Sunday at 6pm (UK time) to info@kingdomdoll.co.uk with Victoria London ” Cocktails at the Shard” in the subject.

Schermafbeelding 2019-06-26 om 22.27.48

for more information:



Red Realness

Integrity Toys released a new RuPaul doll called Red Realness.


This is the third and final doll in this outstanding series.

This time around, RuPaul is serving you much more than just glamorous looks… Mama Ru is serving you her classic two “mint” lunch! For a meal this big, of course she’d be dressed in such red hot gorgeousness! Shantay, this doll will stay in your collection for years to come!


This doll is more limited than the first one in the series, so make sure that you get one before Red Realness sashays away!

Her edition size is 750 and her price is $145.



Miniature Fashion by EDB X Lovetones part 2

So in less then 2 hours the new Lovetones dolls by Eric de Bastos from Miniature fashion by EDB are going on sale. And I already wrote about this amazing collection but it is getting better and better. Because just a few minutes ago he posted some new pictures of Lena and Roxy and they are coming with even more fashion pieces.

Here the new pictures of these amazing ladies.





Look at all these endless combinations you can make with these giftsets. Yes when a doll comes with so many fashions we have to call it a giftset 😉



Roxy and Lena will be available via e-mail request at eric-de-bastos@gmx.de Today 23rd June 2019 2pm. Central Europe Time (Berlin/Paris time) Her price is 350usd plus shipping. Please only send your e-mail starting 2pm.