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Deboxing Georgina Devonshire

One of the best things of collecting is de-boxing a new doll. And today a very special lady arrived. Georgina Devonshire, the new Kingdom Doll 12 inch resin doll from the Monarchs collection.

I never opened a shipper so fast and WOW. This is so good. Every detail is high end. I love how the ladies of Kingdom Doll pack their beauties.


The certificate, the box with the gold label and the ribbon, it’s all so glamorous.

And then there she is.


Perfectly secured in foam.


That face is soooooo Good.


Now let’s take her out and put on her wig.


What I love about her wig is how fine it is. The hair is very soft and looks a lot finer then the hair you see on our Barbie dolls. And wow the body !!!! I love the blushing and she pose so easy.


When I look at her I just can’t believe she is a 12 inch doll. The details are so amazing.

And look at her shoes !!!


Now it is time to have some fun. I am not a real redresser but this doll makes me want to play. So instead of putting her into the gown she came with I want to try on something different. I have a Victoire Roux Dior Inspired Gown and a Rimdoll Gucci inspired gown that I want to try on.


And I have to say the fit is great and Georgiana Devonshire – Covent Garden looks good in everything !!! Will try some other looks on her later this week.

One of my fiends who got her sister Georgiana Devonshire – La Scala just send me some pictures of her beauty. And I just have to share the picture of her shoes. They are clear resin with a red glitter !!!!


for more information : http://www.kdmonarchs.com

The Monarchs

This Thursday it is going to be a very exciting day for Fashion Doll collectors. Kingdom Doll is celebrating their 5th Anniversary !!!! And they are going to celebrate this with the release of their much anticipated new 12″ resin doll line, The Monarchs !!!!

The first lady that Kingdom Doll is releasing is Georgiana Devonshire. She will come as a blonde and a raven. both limit in an edition of 50. And dressed in an iconic Kingdom Doll gown.

Georgiana Devonshire – Covent Garden


Georgiana holds her breath for a moment as she peeps out at the audience from behind the sumptuous crimson velvet curtain. She has chosen to perform the Flower Duet from Delibes’ Lakmé at tonight’s charity event, her first appearance at Covent Garden in almost two years. Quickly checking her reflection in the antique mirror, her pale aqua blue eyes framed by charcoal shadows take in the soft pale pink lip, sparkling iridescent bead earrings and the formality of her pompadour variegated blonde hair softened with cascading curls which fall over her bare shoulders. Smoothing down her architecturally structured black silk satin gown, she takes a final deep breath and steps out onto the stage to rapturous applause.

Georgiana Devonshire – La Scala

To follow in the footsteps of legendary opera singers could be seen as daunting, but Georgiana takes this challenge in her stride. So it was with supreme confidence that she made her debut at La Scala. Performing a favourite aria from Puccini’s Madame Butterfly, Georgie’s appearance has been carefully planned to accentuate the drama of her performance. Her raven black hair and scarlet lips contrast perfectly with her pale skin, giving her an ethereal quality under the stage lights. The choice of a sculptural crimson gown, with it’s stunning golden breast plate, is a nod to her Chinese heritage to bring her good luck and infuse her performance with majesty.


So as a collector how do you get one of these perfect little angles. The price for these dolls is $650 plus shipping. They will be for sale Thursday 31st January at 6pm UK Time. You have to send an email at 6pm to info@kingdomdoll.co.uk. And in the subject line write either La Scala or Covent Garden. Yes once again it will be about making “choices”, which hopefully will enable more collectors the opportunity to purchase these dolls. Only one email per customer.

schermafbeelding 2019-01-29 om 23.19.42

I fell in LOVE with these ladies when I saw them at the Kingdom Doll convention last year in Edinburgh. I am not a redresser but these girls want me to become one. I love it that they can wear Barbie fashion like the Silkstone collection. Here some more amazing pictures by Kingdom Doll where you can see how amazing these two little ladies with a huge fashion attitude redress.

For more information about these exciting new dolls:




Today lovetones posted another color variation of the Haute Couture Night Opera collection.

This time Lena and Roxy are dressed in RED.

Schermafbeelding 2019-01-29 om 20.38.56.png

The dolls are made in a very small edition of 15 dolls of each. They are made for the Chinese market and already sold out there.

This variation is a collaboration between Lovetones and Foreverness and called Treasure . The design of the make-up and hairstyle all by Huey Leong from FOREVERNESS

Schermafbeelding 2019-01-29 om 20.39.14.png

What is also new about these dolls is that the skin tone has a new color called “Light” An more asian tone.

 So What is our favorite color variation from the Night of the Opera Collection


Babbi & Barbie


Zàni Milano is not the only chocolate collaboration with Barbie for her 60th anniversary this year. The famous Japanese Chocolate wafel brand Babbi is also releasing a special Barbie 60th anniversary collection.

And every chocolate waffel is coming with a cute purse. Or are we getting the waffel when we buy one of the purses 😉

schermafbeelding 2019-01-20 om 15.45.26

We do have to travel to Japan. Because this collection will only be on sale in their shops and not online.

For more information : http://www.babbi.co.jp/

Barbie Conventions

This year we are celebrating Barbie 60th Anniversary !!! Her Birthday is on March 9th. And what a perfect way to celebrate her birthday at one of the Barbie conventions around the world.


Here a list with all the Barbie conventions around the world.

Japan / Tokyo 3rd of March



France / Paris 8th, 9th and 10th March

The Paris Fashion Doll Festival.




Portugal / Lisbon 6th and 7th of April




USA / Livonia 12th 13th and 14th of April


schermafbeelding 2019-01-13 om 09.28.50




USA / Missouri 31th of July 1th 2th and 3th of August

National Barbie Doll Collectors Convention




Spain / Madrid 6th, 7th and 8th of September

Madrid Fashion Doll Show Convention




Australia / Gold Coast 13th, 14th and 15th of September

ABC Doll Club Inc Convention

schermafbeelding 2019-01-13 om 10.17.13




Spain / Madrid 5th and 6th October

Spanish Doll Convention

Schermafbeelding 2019-01-13 om 13.01.19.png



Italy / Rome 8th, 9th and 10th November

Roma Fashion Doll Connvention




Designer Barbie Miniatures

Some of my favorite Barbie dolls are the Designer Barbie dolls. I think the new YSL dolls are the best Mattel released this year.

And I just had to recreate them in miniature. So my dolls had some new dolls to play with. And just like me when my dolls like a doll they want more 😉

So I ended up recreating all my favorite Designer Barbie dolls from the past.


With matching Designer Barbie shopping bags.


If you are interested in these miniatures I made 10 more sets from the miniature Barbie dolls and the designer Barbie shopping bags. And 10 sets from just the designer Barbie Shopping bags.


In the first set you will find the following 25 miniatures.

Barbie Miniatures:
3 x YSL Barbie
1 x Sophia Webster Barbie
1 x Karl Lagerfeld Barbie
1 x Coach Barbie
1 x Coach Barbie Handbag Pack
1 x Charlotte Olympia Barbie
4 x Moschino Barbie
3 x Christian Louboutin Barbie
1 x Christian Louboutin Shoe Pack
1 x Herve Leger

Barbie Miniature Shopping Bag
1 x Sophia Webster
1 x Christian Louboutin
1 x Herve Leger
1 x Moschino
1 x Karl Lagerfeld
1 x Coach
1 x YSL
1 x Charlotte Olympia

And in the second set you will find the following 8 Barbie designer shopping bags:

1 x Sophia Webster
1 x Christian Louboutin
1 x Herve Leger
1 x Moschino
1 x Karl Lagerfeld
1 x Coach
1 x YSL
1 x Charlotte Olympia


Only 10 sets available from each set and ready to ship.

for more information check out my Etsy store.


“Night of Opera”

Thi Morning Lovetones came with some amazing news. They will releasing 2 new dolls from the new collection 2018 Haute Couture Night of Opera.

Schermafbeelding 2018-12-13 om 16.24.08.png

Lena and Roxy will be released in a very limited edition for this collection. Only 35 pieces of each !!! And the release day is TODAY Dec 13th, PM12:00(EST) !!!!!!!!!



I LOVE the under lashes.

And the fashions !!!


Schermafbeelding 2018-12-13 om 16.23.54

12” Dressed Doll Limited Edition : 35 / Price US$350
Outfits Included :
Black Dot Tulle Dress
Black Sequined Midi Dress
Black Corset
Long Wrap-Around High Heels 
Ankle Fastened High Heels with Metal Circlets(separate)
Mini Vanity(hand box)
Feather Headpiece
Metal Belt with Silk Ribbon 
Doll Stand
Certificate of Authenticity


Schermafbeelding 2018-12-13 om 16.23.43

12” Dressed Doll Limited Edition : 35 / Price US$350
Outfits Included :
Ivory Dot Tulle Dress
Nude Pink Sequined Midi Dress
Pink Corset
Long Wrap-Around High Heels 
Ankle Fastened High Heels with Metal Circlets(separate)
Mini Vanity(hand box)
Feather Headpiece
Metal Belt with Silk Ribbon 
Doll Stand
Certificate of Authenticity

for more information: http://www.lovetones.com

Pretty Woman

Denise from Mizi in America just told me some exciting news. Mizi Dolls is celebrating his first anniversary with a gorgeous giftset


her name is Pretty Woman.

Schermafbeelding 2018-12-12 om 08.22.12.png

here her official description by Jason&Dimon:

Sexy independent beautiful woman, she is a changeable complex,Look 1: velvet textured tights with luxurious boots, she is ready to show her sexiest side .Look 2: Special feather skirt, she is ready to go out to participate in the punk party, she is ready to show her the most authentic side . Look 3: Put on a grand evening gown, black skirt with some pink, she is ready to attend a luxurious dinner, at the moment she is the perfect symbol.

She is limited to 150 pieces worldwide.


her price will be $150 and she is available for pre-order now.

for more information : http://www.denisesdolls.com

Marni Wild Market

Today Marni launched theirWild Market collection.

Marni Wild Market is a temporary section within marni.com dedicated to a series of limited edition design and lifestyle products.

In the collection you will find bags, furniture pieces, sculptures and miniature furniture pieces that are perfect for our fashion dolls !!!!


In the collection you will find 7 chairs and a table.

A perfect gift for our girls under the X-mas tree.


Clara by Rim Doll

We know Thân Nguyên An Kha from the amazing repaints and detailed outfits he makes for his brand Rim Doll. But today he launched his first own doll.

Her name is Clara.


Sh is a 16inch fashion doll molded with high quality Russian resin. She wears most of the 16 “fashion dolls like FR16, Modsdoll, Numina doll.

This beauty will come with pink rabbit fur coat, black dress, bag, white wig, box and certificate. (shoes may differ from illustrations).


Hr edition size is very limited only 10 of these dolls will be made.


And sh is now available for pre-order in his Etsy shop.