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Zara released a T-shirt that I just have to have.

a Ken doll T-Shirt with the slogan “YOU KEN DO IT”


And I love the Iconic 80ties Ken they used.



Midnight Decadence

Yesterday the Wclub released the images of the 1st W Club Exclusive Doll of the 2019 membership year.

Her name is “Midnight Decadence” Poppy Parker™ 10th Anniversary Souvenir doll, designed by IT designer, David Buttry,


The Story:
Since her introduction in 2009, Poppy Parker has grown to become the sweetheart of an ever growing legion of fans who adore her sweet, groovy look and versatility! Celebrate our girl’s 10th Anniversary as the most fashionable teenage model of the swinging 60s with Midnight Decadence! Created just for the occasion by Poppy Parker creator and Integrity Toys designer David Buttry, Poppy Parker is ready for a star filled evening we’ll all remember for years to come! Cheers Poppy; here’s to another decade!

I think she is very cute and I LOVE those shoes !!!!

And how cool is it that she comes with a 8 X 10 full color, limited edition printed souvenir sketch by David Buttry.


She is definitely a 10 years celebration ode to Misty Hollows.


It looks like that this years collection will be dolls inspired by the most popular Poppy Parkers from the past. Who will we see next….. Here is my top 5 in a random order.

The Reluctant Debutant, Portrait in Black, Shadow Of a Smile, Holliday in The Hamptons and Beatnik Blues.

Yes I should have started collecting dolls 5 years earlier 😉

Every Wclub member can preorder her. She is $140 with shipping.

V.JHON Doll June Capsule Collection

Today V.Jhon Doll released his June Capsule Collection. This time for his own 16inch V.Jhon Doll. My favorite look is the Polkadot Angel Dress.

Schermafbeelding 2019-06-05 om 21.59.02

The capsule collection has 2 dresses and 2 coats.

for more information: http://www.vjhondoll.com


Pidgin Doll is releasing a new doll called Pidgin Doll Chibi.

But what is Chibi (ちび or チビ)

Chibi is a Japanese art style featuring characters with large heads, large eyes, and small bodies.

Pidgin Doll Chibi is a reimagining of Pidgin, but with “chibi” proportions.  Cast in resin with 12 points of articulation, she will fit most clothing and shoes meant for fashion dolls in the 12-inch scale.

The first edition of this very special Pidgin Doll will debut this September at the 2019 Modern Doll Collectors Convention (MDCC) in San Antonio, Texas. The edition will be limited to 50 dolls dressed as shown in the concept illustration, including floral cotton dress, red cape jacket, and blue pom-pom hat.


Pidgin Doll Chibi is currently available on pre-order exclusively to MDCC registrants for $558. Absentee registrants may purchase her for $558 plus a $150 absentee fee, with free shipping in the U.S.




for more information: http://www.pidgindoll.com

Le Voyage des Nuages Oranges

DaniDolls released a new doll today called Le Voyage des Nuages Oranges.


Like many other DaniDolls she is dressed in tweed inspired by Chanel.


And I love her yellow eyeshadow.


DANI Doll,
Oversized flower tweed headpiece,
Multi-color tweed long jacket with pockets,
Multi-color tweed tasselled top,
Multi-color tweed tasselled pants,
Pocket front tweed & leather backpack,
(can be opened with a zipper)
Peal & flamingos earrings,
2 highly decorative bracelets,
2 high decoration necklaces,
Waist chain belt,
Carmel color long boots,
Doll stand, Certificate of authenticity.
    The doll made 100 percent hand painting.
Manicure & pedicure ‘Glossy black’.
Pale Blonde hair.

Her price is 390$ and she is now available for pre-order.



Remember the Amazing doll Eden by Kingdom Doll that was released last year.

Schermafbeelding 2019-05-29 om 21.00.32

And then the amazing Studio lavender blue color variation outfit Dilly Dilly.


Today Kingdom Doll released the information about a new Studio outfit Bluebell to complete the Rococo Atelier story


Bluebell captures all the decadence, indulgence and otherworldly qualities of the eighteenth century French court whilst retaining a modernity echoing current fashion trends. The strapless gown is complexly constructed and extravagantly billowing in a perfectly scaled cyan blue toile du joey print. The subtle hi-low hemline allows viewers a glimpse of Bluebell’s delicately pale blue hand caste resin stiletto shoes. The wig is an ornate pompadour confection featuring bow details at the front and exaggerated ringlets at the back, providing a 360° feast for the eyes! Created in a combination of two shades of periwinkle blue and white, the blend produces a shade to perfectly compliment her shoes. Finally the lavish handmade jewellery is yet another spectacular creation. Chandelier earrings are an opulent combination of gold and blue whilst the necklace is a collar of blue “pearls”, the highlight of which is the gold framed teardrop faceted Swarovski crystal. A blue crystal and golden bead cuff bracelet completes the suite of jewellery.


The set includes;
Hand made wig. (please note that the wig was modelled to fit our Belgae sculpt)
Changing hands to aid you putting on the bracelet.
Hand crafted jewellery with a magnetic clasp on the necklace.
Studio, hand cast coloured resin shoes. (Shoes were made for the new body and feet)
Gold resin ‘Wig me Up’ wig stand.
Finally the beautiful Studio Atelier gown.


The price of this gorgeous outfit is $525 plus shipping. The edition size is very limited, just 15 pieces. if you are interested in this fashion you have to send an email at 6PM ( UK TIME )  Sunday the 2nd of June. info@kingdomdoll.co.uk


for more information:


Tawny Owl

From today the Popovy Sisters have a new face mold called Tawny Owl and Body nr IV available. The new body has improved breast, knees, shin, and hands. The body can be chosen with or without scarification.

I love this new doll. and that body with the scarifications is so amazing.


This week they are also launching a new fashion collection. he main focus is on color and floral print. The texture created by lacing echoes to the weaving braids and soft color transitions erase borders between hair and clothes.

Schermafbeelding 2019-05-21 om 23.10.09

for more information: http://www.popovy-dolls.com