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Museé de la Poupeé Paris

I just read the most sad news about Museé de la Poupeé Paris on Messy Nessy. This very cute doll museum is closing. The first time I visit them was when Magia2000 had an ooak exposition there during the Barbie RetroChic exposition.


Here is the article:


Some of you might not care that the only doll museum in Paris is closing its doors forever this fall. In fact, plenty of people suffer from pediophobia– a fear of dolls–  and my intern happens to be one of them. She looked at me like I’d lost a screw when I said we’d be going to photograph the Musée de la Poupée in its last days. Of course, by the end of our visit to the museum, she had adopted two antique dolls to take home with her.


The odd little musée housing a collection of more than 600 French dolls, arranged chronologically from about 1800 to the present, has just under two months left before its time runs out. Well hidden down an alleyway in the Marais, we had considerable trouble finding it, which we half-joked might be the reason it’s closing down.


Alas, the official reason for closure is that the building housing the collection is “no longer fitting European security standards”. I suspect it also has something to do with the rent in the Marais being steadily on the rise and visitor numbers steadily on the decline. It took me seven years of living in Paris to discover what is possibly the kitschiest and most unusual museum in Paris– and now I’m too late. Seven years too late. Too late even for a crowd-funding campaign to maybe help save this unappreciated pearl of Parisian curio.


You see, it isn’t so much about the dolls for me, exquisite as they are, it’s about the loss of another small and independent museum of oddities that strikes a chord. Isn’t Paris the kind of city that should be breeding these types of places like wild and flavourful mushrooms? If small museums can’t make it in Paris, can they make it anywhere?


For centuries, Paris has been considered a haven of artisanal crafts– heck, it even gave birth to the “Golden Age of Automata” during the Belle Epoque, which saw small family-based companies of mechanical doll makers thriving in Parisian ateliers.


The closure Musée de la Poupée is a cold reminder that no small or family-run business– not even in gay ol’ Paris– is safe. Your local bars, Mom & Pop shops and little cultural gems that have been around forever– don’t take them for granted. Cherish them, support them, stamp your feet if their existence is threatened.



But now, back to the doll museum. The father and son business, founded over two decades ago, is closing its doors on September 15th. Until then, a visit to the museum in its final days can turn into an unexpected foray into the world of doll collecting. For the next two months, the Musée de la Poupée is turning into the ultimate doll shop, cleaning out its closet and having one giant sale of its treasures at flea market prices.

From rare (and sometimes controversial) antique dolls to more recent toys from your own childhood that you’d almost forgotten about– you can find them waiting in trunks and lined up on shelves waiting to go to a good home.


They have a particularly interesting collection of international dolls, from Indian princesses to flamenco dancers and bullfighters in exquisitely detailed little costumes. I picked one up for my bookshelf and I think he fits right in to the MessyNessy HQ wouldn’t you say? ↓

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If you’re in Paris this summer, pay a visit to this unusual little museum– you might just hold a doll in your arms and realise that they’re not blood-thirsty demons after all, but rather a reminder of your appreciation for the little guy, the underdog and the small, forgotten pleasures in life.

Musée de la Poupée: Open Tues-Sat, 1-6pm until the 15th September 2017/ 7 Impasse Berthaud, 75003 Paris.

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Golden Galaxy

Yesterday night it was time for the finale Gala Diner at the National Barbie Doll Collectors Convention in Houston. All tables were decorated with a gorgeous centerpiece doll made by Magia2000



At the end of the evening it was time for the convention doll designed by Bill Greening.


Her name is Golden Galaxy:

From a golden galaxy far away, Barbie appears, a futuristic vision in head-to-toe gold. A sleek metallic bodysuit wraps around her, reflecting light,while an edgy armored bodice and golden cape add drama. Glittered ankle boots and faux leather gauntlets heighten her cosmic look, as fierce spiked earrings and a glistening ponytail add even more shimmer. She is simply out of this world.

There is an AA ans CC version both are platinum editions and the edition size from the AA is no more then 330.

She looks to be inspired by Thierry Mugler.

Next year convention will be held in Phoenix en the theme is On The Avenue With Barbie.


for more information and the registration from: http://www.barbieconvention.com

Galactic Designer Fashion Show

So today they held the Galactic Designer Fashion Show at Convention. Rebecca was preparing her presentation about blogging that started right after the show. So my dear friend Jim took some pictures for us to share.


I always love the fashion shows at convention. And also this one looked like a lot of Fun.




The Launch Party Welcome Reception

So on Wednesday the Convention officially started with the Launch Party Welcome Reception.


I Love how some off the conventioneers dressed up in the theme of the convention.

During the reception they had a Silence auction. With some amazing Ooaks.

This official Mattel Ooak is designed by Zlatan Kusnoor and her name is Queen of the Cosmos.


The Doll by Magia2000 was inspired bij the movie Space 1999


And there were many more Gorgeous donations.

The dolls that were made for the Silence Auction were also on Display.

Carlyle Nuera


Magia 2000


Matthew Sutton


Hilda Westervelt & Maryann Roy




Artist Creations


Judy Rennick O’Connell


Mattel salesroom sneaks

Today at the salesroom from the National Barbie Doll Collectors Convention the new Barbie Fan Club “Barbie Signature” had a table with some Barbie sneaks.

One of the items they showed is the gift you get when you join the new club and become a Platinum member.

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It’s an accessories pack with 10 pair off Barbie shoes.

And 3 new dolls by Mattel Designer Carlyle Nuera were on display.

The first doll is Blush Pink Fringe Gown Barbie. She is a platinum edition and a Fan Club exclusive.


She is inspired by Givenchy Couture.


Another new doll on display was the third doll in the Harlem Theater Collection called Selma DuPar James.


And since today she is also available on new Barbie.Mattel.com website.

The bold Harlem Theatre™ Collection represents the courageous women of an era who paved the way for future generations to freely and creatively express themselves. During the Harlem Renaissance era, patrons of the arts like Madam Lavinia™ would often commission artists to showcase their latest work. Up-and-coming artist Selma DuPar James™, was selected to hold her first solo exhibition in the Harlem Theatre salon. Her piece is a beautiful portrait of jazz singer Claudette. The third doll in the Harlem Theatre™ Collection, Selma DuPar James™ Barbie® doll is powerfully creative and powerfully stylish.

Body Type: Articulated
Facial sculpt: NEW, Selma sculpt
Fashion: Dress
Fashion Sewn On: No
Accessories: Pearl necklace with pendant, gloves, shoes, painting with frame
Package Dimensions (H/D/W): 14“ x 3.5“x 7.5“


And the third new Barbie doll on display is the Sorcha Barbie. She is the 5th doll in the Global Gllamour Series. An Irish inspired beauty.



Collective Couture Event.

Another event at the National Barbie Doll Collectors Convention on Tuesday was the Collective Couture Event. At this event you could see and shop for amazing ooak dolls and fashions byRob Thompson of Robsdolls, Judy Rennick O’Connell of Aponi Designs, Patita Taylor of Taylor Made, and Pam Seeman of Paintbox Designs.

Galaxia Barbie

Mattel Designer Carlyle Nuera released pictures from the oak doll he made for the Life Auction in Houston. Her name is galaxy Barbie and wow she is quite spectacular.

20155657_624226504608_2017269140354126444_nShe wears a gown with a galaxy print and the stars light up !!! And I lover her silver glow.



I am sure she will raise a lot off money for charity.