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Mizi Doll

There is a new doll in town and her name is Mizi.

Schermafbeelding 2018-06-16 om 15.46.19

She is a new doll line by Jason & Dimon.

So who is Mizi. According to her website she is a 19 year old model. She is from the 1930s and when she finished college in the United States. she returned to Shanghai and became a model. She took many commercial advertising with her unique beautiful face. She usually likes to travel. You can see her at the streets of Tokyo, New York, Paris.


This backstory makes me very excited !!! The 1930s in Shanghai !!! in that time Shanghai was known as “The Paris of the East, the New York of the West”

And I love the the illustrations from that time.



I think that the body and the face sculpt looks very promising.



For her release there will be 4 lingerie dolls available. 2 regular dolls, a brunette and a gold blonde that retail for $69.00 and edition size 250



And two Dealer exclusives. One raven and a redhead that retail for $79 and edition size 100



These first dolls do remind me a bit of the first lingerie Barbie Silkstone dolls. And I can’t wait to get them.

Here is a preview of one of the dolls in her box.

Schermafbeelding 2018-06-16 om 15.46.07

The shop will be open next Monday. But you can already have a look at the official website. Their dealer Direct_Dolls that you can find on Instagram and eBay is already taken pre-orders. And they are also selling the Dealer Exclusive dolls.

When I get the dolls I will do a review of them on my blog with an interview with Jason and Dimon.

for more information:







Today Phyn & Aero released some new collection. And I love the Kadira collection by Andrew Yang.

Kadira’s premiere collection reflects the ever-changing landscape of modern doll collecting – starting with her 12.5” sculpt, raw and striking in its blank form, tightly strung together, delicately articulated, and crafted from high quality resin. She is a doll with a story -but one that you get to create through your own designs, a curated selection of painted nude dolls styled with wigs, outfits, and accessories, or fully dressed beauties for those who are ready to pose and play. 

What I think is very interesting is that they also offer blank dolls and blank heads in two skin colors so people can customize the dolls themselves.


$295 & $50

They are also offering 4 gorgeous nude painted dolls.



And I think its very cool that they produced the closed eyes head that we saw in the promotion pictures last year when this doll was launched. Also in a blank or painted version and in both skintones.


$85 $50

And this fashion dolls also have some new amazing accessories and fashions.

Editorial Wig Set $99


Black and Gold Shoe Pack $60

Schermafbeelding 2018-06-14 om 20.30.57.png

The outfit Night Shade and Disguise $175 $130

And 4 new dressed dolls.


Suddenly, all of the music, voices, and excitement, mean nothing, for a while the din become whispers and all Kadira hears is muffled laughter in the distance or the soft tinkling of champagne glasses. The belle of the ball is lost in her thoughts – drifting between melancholy and wistfulness.

She chose the colors of the gown because they reminded her of her childhood, but also, that she was a woman of her own design. Pink and black – hard and soft, satin and lace, sensual and delicate, with an oversized ruffled tulle boa draped around her long neck – blurring the lines and maintaining the mystery. A sculpted flower fascinator finishes the look, but is it a poisonous blossom?

The Pale Edition of Night Shade Kadira comes with the Classic Painted face and light blue inset eyes, and the ultra-limited Tan Edition comes with a Dramatic Painted Face and brown eyes. Each doll has an extra-long platinum saran wig. Stand included.


Dresden, Monte Carlo, New Orleans, or Shanghai, another city, another rainstorm – even though others constantly surround her, Kadira can’t help but feel alone. The best way she can escape from the world around her is to disappear into her own wardrobe. At first, she emerges in the green trench coat, her feelings hidden by black sunglasses, powerful and in control, and when she finds refuge in the hotel lobby, she sheds her dark chartreuse skin to reveal a soft and glimmering copper pleated skirt with a deep purple blouse.

But wherever Kadira goes, whispers, and inevitably, cameras follow – and with the cameras, come questions. She must make one last escape, so she shimmies out of her skirt and reveals that her blouse is actually a shift dress, and so transforms from elegant woman to youthful beauty, forever on the run.

The Pale Edition of Disguise Kadira comes with a Dramatic painted face and green eyes, and the ultra limited Tan Edition with a Classic painted face and violet eyes. Each doll’s look is completed with an extra long saran black wig. Stand included.


the editions are very limited. So when you are interested don’t wait to long.


Absolem London Fashion Doll Festival

London Fashion Doll Festival just announced they have some “Exclusive Sybarite Packages” for their event at the 30th of June in London.

And they gave us a cool sneak of the Sybarite convention doll Absolem.


Absolum will be a Generation X CLone 1603 Inque d’Royce.

The London Fashion Doll Festival, in association with Superdoll Collectables, are thrilled to have secured a Limited Edition EXCLUSIVE Sybarite Generation X doll. Her name is *ABSOLEM* and she will be unveiled at our 30th June 2018 event.

The price of this upgrade package includes one EXCLUSIVE Sybarite doll and entrance to the last hour of the event (from 4PM) as well as the exclusive Sybarite event with goodies. Please note the MicroSonik Gift Set, Afternoon Tea and goodie bag is NOT included in this package.

Absolum is the hookah smoking caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland and I cant wait to see how she will look.


for more information http://www.londonfashiondollfestival.uk

Lady la Fay

One of the things I love about doll conventions is that a lot of them have a Charity auction. So also the new convention “London Fashion Doll Festival” that will take place in London on 30th of June.

Schermafbeelding 2018-06-11 om 19.47.36.png

There Charity is the Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital.

And today Kingdom Doll revealed their amazing donation for this Charity auction.

Schermafbeelding 2018-06-11 om 19.43.08

Her name is Lady la Fay and she is so GORGEOUS.

She is a variation doll on their latest beauty Eden. but dressed in the lavendar color variation gown Dilly Dilly.

Schermafbeelding 2018-06-11 om 19.43.37

It looks like her wig is a mix of pink and blonde and I LOVE her soft make-up.

I cant wait t see more pictures of this beauty. Here some pictures of her Sister Eden that I took this wekend. She is such a dream doll to play with.



LOVETONES Timeless Show Fashion

Today Lovetones released a new fashion in the Timeless Show collection.

Schermafbeelding 2018-06-10 om 21.19.18.png

Its a jumpsuit that you can wear two ways in a leopard print micro pleated fabric.


The outfit will come with the golden drop earrings.

Its a small edition of 50 and the price is 58$

AND……. They have a surprise !!!! When this fashion is sold out the ooak sample doll Lena from the pictures will be raffled under the people who bought the outfit !!!

I think this is so cool !!!

for more information go to http://www.lovetonesdoll.com

And if you are a fan of LOVETONES then don’t forget to become a member of the new Facebook fan page.




LOVETONES Facebook Fan Group


Are you also such a fan of the models Roxy and Lena from LOVETONES. Become a member of the LOVETONES FANS facebook page where you can interact with fellow collectors and share your passion for these special ladies.

for more information: www.facebook.com/groups/819451734926219/

Midnight Glamour

So today Mattel released the pictures of a new Silkstone doll called Midnight Glamour. She is the second silkstone doll this year. Months ago we already saw some pictures from her. Pictures from sample / rejected factory heads were leaked and posted on Instagram. And I have to say I had high hopes for this one. I love redheads and thought she had a cool make-up look. Ok they eyes are still big but I love the classic “bitch resting face”.


But then today I saw the final look.

Normally I LOVE big over the top ballgowns on Silkstone dolls. But for me this is a very cheap variation on the Iconic In The Pink Silkstone doll.


The only Silkstone that is even better then this beauty is the OOAK blue variation doll that was made for FAO Schwarz in 2002 Called Breathtaking Blue.


So here is Midnight Glamour official dealer description.

This 2018 Barbie Fashion Model Collection Barbie doll #FRN96 features design inspired by elegant couture and epic red-carpet looks. The dolls beautiful black gown includes embroidered sequined stars that add a touch of shimmer against her beautiful vintage face sculpt. Posable Silkstone body allows endless posing possibilities. Gold Label Collection.

She will be available at the Barbie Mattel site at the end of this month.

I think if they replaced her cheap playline necklace with a classic BFMC necklace, give her some matching earrings and make the gown a little less pouffy she would already look a lot better.


I really hope she is going to be a big hit so Mattel will release more then just 2 Silkstone dolls a year. And I understand they want to make the dolls cheaper in production because they don’t sell that good as they did in the past. But I also think that when this line goes back to a higher quality collectors want to spend more on a doll. Personally I don’t want to pay for plastic jewelry and cheaper fabrics.

I love the BFMC and I think they were at their best when they recreated classic designs from Dior, Givenchy and Balenciaga from the fifties.

And there so many classic black gowns that would have been gorgeous on this redhead