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Beach fun Mizi and Friends

Mizi doll released a new collection called Beach fun Mizi and Friends . A collection of 3 dolls, Mizi Luciana and Fatima.

My favorite is Fatima, love her lip color in combination with her dark skin. The dolls all come in an edition of 300. But there is more…. several dealers this time have limited edition dolls from this collection in small editions of 50 dolls.

At Denise’s doll we find this gorgeous Fatima with curly natural hair and Luciana with gold hair.

And at Fabric Friends Dolls you also find the exclusive Fatima but also this gorgeous yellow hair Mizi.

I wonder if more variations will pop up at the Mizi Dealers.



We al know Aquatalis from their gorgeous repaints and doll fashions. But today they announced they are going to produce their own doll. She is a resin 16 inch fashion doll. They worked 3 years on this exciting new project and her name is Lam what means Blue in Vietnamese.

I love her look and can’t wait to find out more about her release that will be announced in the next couple of weeks.

The inspiration for her first release is “The Spring of Youth”.

for more information:



Mattel Creations

Today Mattel launched their first collection for Mattel Creations, a platform for Creators, Collaborators & Innovators.

They asked some of today’s most talented and diverse artists to reimagine a few of the favorite Mattel Icons. This in honor of the 75th celebration of Mattel. Each art print is limited to 75 pieces.

They also offer some cool “art of engineering” prints. And my favorites are the ones that are printed in foil. These are also in a limited edition of just 75 pieces.

But my favorite pieces of the collection are the clear recreations of these Iconic toys. And of course I had to order the Barbie doll.

I don’t really know what I ordered but she just looked to cool.

Her price is 75$ and she will be shipping on July 5th 2021

for more information: https://creations.mattel.com/

2018 2019 2020 Barbie Collectible Miniature Bookcase

My dolls collect dolls and I made them a new bookcase.

I love hot pink they used on the Silkstone boxes from the last 3 years and I combined them with some of my other favorites collectible Barbie dolls that were released at the same time.

the bookcase contains 33 miniatures:

  • Moschino the MET dolls
  • Siltstone The Gala’s Best
  • Silkstone Best to a Tea
  • Siltstone The Best Look
  • Siltstone Best in Black
  • Siltstone Black and White
  • Siltstone Proudly Pink
  • Silkstone Elegant Rose Cocktail Dress
  • Siltstone Midnight Glamour
  • Ken and Barbie Thierry Lasry
  • The Art Of @Barbiestyle book
  • The Laduree The Art Of @Barbiestyle macaron box
  • Barbie Forever: Her Inspiration, History, and Legacy Book
  • Dressing Barbie: A Celebration of the Clothes That Made America’s Favorite Doll and the Incredible Woman Behind Them book
  • Bendon 44752 Barbie Advanced Coloring & Activity Book
  • Barbie 60th anniversary The Wrap Pack
  • Barbie 60th anniversary stationary pieces
  • Barbie Siltstone stationary boxes
  • 2020 convention dolls
  • Mattel 75th anniversary doll

I made 5 extra bookcases to sell. The price is $200 with shipping. For more information: rogier.corbeau@gmail.com

Spanish Doll Convention 2020

The Spanish Doll convention had their event last weekend. And like many other convention they had an online event. This years theme was #Barbie Pride.

The welcome bag had some cool items and I love the huge rainbow shopper. And of course there was a mask.

On Saturday the Spanish ooak doll designer gave an online workshop. Where he showed us how to make a cute Barbie outfit without have to use a sewing machine.

You can still see this online workshop at the Spanish Doll Convention Facebook page if you want to make your own version.

The convention doll this year was the bleu version that Mattel designer Carlyle Nuera designed for the international conventions.

On Sunday they revealed the extra convention doll her name is Rainbow Cloud Barbie.

She is designed and made by spanish artists. Encarna Olivas made the dress, Sergio M. Orts created the hairstyle and Mon Arena, repained her and designer the dress print and the box. She comes in a limted edition from 120.

They also reveled the theme of next year. And it is “Barbie flies to the SDC 10th Anniversary”

I really missed going to this convention because it is so much fun. But I think they did a great job online this year. One of my favorite part of this convention is seeing the work of all the Spanish ooak artists in the salesroom . So loved that some of the artists showed their work online this weekend with a special collection.

David Bocci presented his THE QUEEN ‘s COURTESANS collection.

And I loved the dolls by Hector Quesada Damian.

for more information: https://www.facebook.com/spanishdollconvention/?epa=SEARCH_BOX

Moschino Spring Summer 2021

Moschino just showed their Spring Summer 2021 show and they did it with marionettes !!!!!

I love how they recreated all the famous fashion editors sitting front row and the collection itself was so much fun. Loved the 50ties couture vibe from this collection and would love to have some of these looks for my fashion dolls. Here a few of my favorite looks.

The invitation for this show was already a big hint. A miniature clothing hanger !!!

The show reminded me of this fashion show from 1960 where they also used marionettes.

Sindy 1963

Sindy Britain’s best-selling, most loved iconic fashion doll is back, and more gorgeous than ever and the limited edition Sindy collectors range is available now to pre-order for delivery end of November.

Inspired by the original Pedigree design first launched in 1963, they have teamed up with the ‘Best of British’ up & coming fashion designers to redesign the range into a contemporary line up.

The collection includes six different dolls with only 1963 of each available worldwide and individually numbered.

Each iconic collectable has her own exquisite fashion accessories including miniature designer shoes, handbags and metal jewellery. All presented in a stunning giftbox.

Inspired by Sindy’s original sculpt and featuring her distinctive sideways glance, she is timeless and special.

A 10¾” doll with fully articulated body, twist waist and silky soft rooted hair and eyelashes. Contained within each doll box is a collectable Sindy token to claim your solid silver 2020 Sindy charm bracelet when you collect six tokens and send them in.

Shopping Look


City Chic

Skater Girl

Dream Date

Sleepy Time

The dolls are 79,99 British Pounds each and now available for their club members. at 10pm GMT today she will be available to non clubmembers. for more information http://www.sindycollectorsclub.co.uk

Fabiola of Hollywood

There is a new fashion doll in town and her name is Fabiola of Hollywood. And she is so much fun !!!!

So Who is she ???

The “Boriqua Bombshell”, born Fabiola Ines Casiano in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico, skyrocketed to fame when her sizzling rendition of the cha-cha dazzled the crowd at the 1955 Fiesta Festiva in her hometown. The newly crowned “Muñeca Bailarina” caught the eye of infamous designer and playboy, Cedrick of Hollywood, who immediately whisked her to L.A. – Pan Am, first class of course – to make her the exclusive face (and body) of his brand. The newly monikered “Fabiola of Hollywood” modeled lavish gowns and lingerie by day and partied at Hollywood’s most glamorous clubs by night.  

Fabiola suddenly had it all. Men wanted her, and women (and some men) wanted to be her.

Her wicked wit made her a mainstay on the international party circuit. She was last seen on a yacht off the coast of Monte Carlo sometime in the 1970’s before mysteriously disappearing from the public eye forever. Was this self-imposed exile? No one knows since her more recent sightings could never be confirmed.

Fiolo is cerated by Mike Buess. She is an homage to all the glamorous Puerto Rican women in his family who moved to the US in the 1950s and how they rocked the bombshell fashions and dramatic makeup of the times in such distinctive ways.  

Each doll is one-of-a-kind. Her faces are hand-painted and no two are exactly alike. Her signature makeup is severe and distinct.

Her body is hand-buffed then highlighted with the finest gold dust to give extra shimmer, then sealed with gloss, as if she’s glowing in the sun. 

She comes in 3 different hair colors.

And the first dolls are now available on the website. Here a few of my favorites.

But that is not all, you can also shop at Cedrick’s. The petite department store for all your glamour gotta-gets! Here you can buy Accessories, beauty products and soon fashions.

My favorite item are the Bombshell Brows & Beauty Marks.

A LITTLE FASHION MISHAP BECOMES A SENSATION! Fabiola’s eyebrows were plucked and bleached a little too many times and never really grew back. Tired of drawing them on, she presented reusable eyebrows to Cedrick. Since eyebrow fashions changed quite quickly and hoards of girls were in the same boat, they gave them a try. Word spread and within 2 months production needed to be amped up to meet demands. For a short period of time brows were even produced in colors to match current clothing collections. 

for more information about Fabiola of Hollywood go to http://www.fabiolaofhollywood.com

Billie Eilish Fashion Doll

Billie Eilish has released a new line of collectible toys and figurines, inspired by her music videos for “All The Good Girls Go To Hell” and “Bad Guy.” Produced in partnership with Playmates Toys and Bravado, the line launched this week on Eilish’s official website and on target.com

The figurine is cute but I got really excited when I saw the fashion doll !!! The “Bad Guy” doll stands 10.5 inches tall and features a life-like sculpt of Eilish in her iconic yellow sweatsuit. There are 14 points of articulation here, including the singer’s oft-copied blue hair. Like the other figurine, this one comes in a box that transforms into a backdrop inspired by the “Bad Guy” music video.

Eilish launched the first 200 dolls this week exclusively on NTWRK, with fans and collectors were able to score a limited-edition numbered doll.

I love the sculpt and the quality of the fashion looks really good. And how cool that the box can be turned into a display.


Italian Doll Convention 2021

The Italian Doll convention opened registration today for next year. The convention will be held on 21 22 and 23 of May and the theme is Christmas !!!

Friday (optional event), “Ugly Xmas Sweater Party”
a funny night, with the best competition ever…yes, the ugly sweater challenge!
Join us with Karaoke, buffet and the unveiling of the exclusive extra doll designed by Magia2000.

Saturday “Xmas Gala”
An IDCultural day with programs, waiting for the great gala dinner with fashion show and lot of surprises, including the official limited edition Barbie souvenir doll donated by Mattel.

Sunday Salesroom

you can download your registration form here: