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Barbie on Airbnb

Barbie is renting out her Malibu Dreamhouse on Airbnb !!!

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For the first time ever, my Barbie™ Malibu Dreamhouse is on Airbnb! Available for a one-time, two-night stay, but I promise the memories will last a lifetime. Booking opens at 11:00am PDT on October 23, so set your alarm to book your stay. Remember, this is a once in a lifetime chance, which means the Dreamhouse will only be booked once. My Dreamhouse is the perfect place to be inspired and learn new things. I hope it will feel like your Dreamhouse, too.

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Located in the heart of Malibu, my Dreamhouse has three floors with ocean views and open spaces for friends and family to hang. My pool is the perfect place to cool off from the California sun, but I never travel without my waterslide, so I’ll be taking that with me. And whether you’re enjoying an outdoor meal, watching a movie in my personal cinema, or making s’mores under the stars, the best part is just being together.

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My Dreamhouse is your Dreamhouse! When you arrive, one of my friends will meet you at the door to hand off the keys and show you around. But during the stay, the whole house is yours to enjoy with friends and family.

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To celebrate this once in a lifetime stay, Airbnb will make a donation to one of the charities involved in The Barbie Dream Gap Project on your behalf.

Research has identified that starting at age five, many girls are less likely than boys to view their own gender as smart and begin to lose confidence in their own competence – this is coined the Dream Gap.*

*Study conducted by researchers at New York University, the University of Illinois and Princeton University.

**The one-time, two-night stay at the Barbie Malibu Dreamhouse is not a contest.

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As a homeowner and entrepreneur, I am excited to be hosting my Dreamhouse for the first time on Airbnb! I’ve traveled all over the world, but the Dreamhouse has always been my favorite place to call home. It’s full of inspiration, like pictures of the 200+ careers I’ve had and the role models in my life, so I hope it inspires you to remember that you can be anything!
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Even though I’ll be out of town, some of my friends will swing by to inspire and teach you new things. Learn how to fence with Ibtihaj Muhammad, create an exquisite meal in my fully stocked kitchen with chef Gina Clarke-Helm, get a makeover with hairstylists from Mane Addicts Creator Collective while meeting with celebrity hairstylist and girl boss Jen Atkin, and even take a trip to the Columbia Memorial Space Center with pilot and aerospace engineer Jill Meyers. I hope the stay is a reminder that you can be anything!
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It will be the first-ever stay for one lucky Barbie fan and up to three friends. The two-night special will be available to book starting October 23 at 11 a.m. PT and the stay itself must take place from Sunday, October 27, to Tuesday, October 29.

Hoàng Anh Khôi Gene Marshall collection

Hoàng Anh Khôi just added an amazing vintage inspired fashion collection for Gene Marshall dolls to his Etsy shop. And the great news is that they are all ready to ship !!!

My favorite is La Fleur II The Gifts Set.

Here some more pictures of this amazing collection:



This morning The Modsdoll released pictures from their new doll Valerie.


I think she is super cute and especially love her sequins coat

and the beaded jeans.

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She will go on sale the 17th Oct.9am Korean time zone.


Deboxing the new Forbidden Flowers Lovetones

Yesterday I got the new Lovetones Lena and Roxy from the Forbidden Flowers collection.


I love that these ladies always come with so many accessories. And the new black silk boxes are very cute.

Here some quick pictures of the girls dressed that I took this morning.



Club Luncheon and Final Diner

So yesterday was the final day of the convention. The first event of the day was the W Club Lunchen en of course their was a Centerpiece doll.

Paris Runway Giselle Diefendorf.


Personally for me this was the first doll from convention that was in theme. Love her look and I think she must be inspired by some of the Balmain pre Fall 2019 collection

The giveaway doll was

NYFW Karolin Stone


I really like her a lot. And I know that is not a popular opinion with this lady. Since she was first introduced at convention in I think 2015 collectors were never positive about this lady. But I love her face and this look is amazing !!! And again inspired by the Balmain pre Fall 2019 collection

During the Gala Diner the Centerpiece doll was

Ethereal Beauty Vanessa Perrin


LOVE this look and want that dress an 10 different colors please !!!! Great doll great outfit this is what you want as a centerpiece.

The official convention doll for this year designed by Jason Wu is called

Spring 2017 Elyse Jolie


Inspired by this look from his 2017 Spring Summer collection.

Schermafbeelding 2019-10-13 om 09.31.29

I am a big fan of Elyse and Jason Wu also because he seems to keep using her as the convention doll. But for me this is quite a boring look.

Poppy Parker Luncheon

So yesterday Integrity Toys had their Poppy Parer Luncheon. And of course there was a centerpiece and give away Poppy Parker doll. And to everybody’s big surprise these 2 dolls were both a color variation of of two dolls from the popular 2016 BonBon collection. Miss Amour and Powder Puff my two favorites from that collection.

Love is Bleu Poppy Parker


Pink Powder Puff Poppy Parker


I LOVE color variations, I thin that is my Barbie Silkstone background 😉 And I love these dolls. The only think is that the outfits of these two dolls are quite bright. Especially the pink variation. I would have love it if the fabrics where the exact same colors as the 2016 dolls.

The Lunch is always a lot of fun with a great presentation by Poppy Parker designer David Buttrey. He talked a little about the beginnings of Poppy, and his inspirations (Jean Shrimpton, Twiggy, and Colleen Corby), and where Poppy will be going next year (New York, Paris, London, Milan). They also said that Ginger Gilroy (Poppy’s frenemy) will *finally* be making an appearance soon. A doll that he is working on for 2 years.

pictures by Isabelle from Paris on Flickr:

Deboxing Churchill

So yesterday Churchill arrived !!! And of course I had to debox her right away. I always love how Kingdom doll pack their dolls. It is all so perfect.


So much goodies !!! and all perfectly packed.

Love everything about this doll. And her face is stunning. The sun was already setting so I had to wait for this morning to get some pictures of her

She is such a classic beauty.