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2017 NU.FACE and Fashion Royalty unveiling event part 2

So at the second part of the online even Integrity showed us their new Fashion Royalty line. And this years theme is La Femme.


And this year for the first time this collection is also designed by Jessy Ayala.

The first doll that they showed in this collection was Vivacité Eugenia Perrin-Frost.


As soon as she heard about the big annual ETSA conference that was about to take place in the South of France, Eugenia grabbed her cousin Vanessa and immediately insisted that they make the trip with Adèle Makéda. Who better than those two to keep things smooth and make sure that no one from a competing firm could show up to rain on their parade? No matter what, all reasons are good to visit the Riviera!
Eugenia Perrin-Frost is a 12.5″ fully articulated doll with fully rooted hair. Eugenia channels her inner French girl with this soft and ultra-feminine look that just is just too adorable and sophisticated for words! Dressed in a pair of perfectly fitted capri pants and a sensuous off-the-shoulder blouse (with an extra-long bow detail on the back), Eugenia is ready for an afternoon stroll amongst the stalls of her favorite florists, where she picked up a most delicate bouquet of fresh roses.
Edition Size: 1025
Estimated Delivery: Fall/Winter 2017
Retail Price: $145.00 US
Many fashion collection in 2016 had shoulder less tops with big poofy sleeves. But I think this one was inspired by the Blugirl collection.
Schermafbeelding 2017-06-27 om 20.44.00
The rose hand bag must be inspired by one of the Dolce & Gabbana bags.
Coquette Jordan Duval. I am loving this doll. The skintone and the hair are so amazing with the colors of the outfit and the make-up. She is one of my favorites from this collection.
Natalia Fatalé is not about to let the Perrin family get the best of her and of course, since it would be too suspicious for her to attend the conference in person, she sends her number one confidante, sometimes-model and all-time trouble maker, Jordan Duval. Wait ’til Jordan comes back to Paris with the news that everything is about to change in their little world. Natalia will be green at the thought that she didn’t attend the conference herself! It doesn’t matter though, the only person everyone talked about was Jordan! Her fantastic style was the talk of the town!
Jordan Duval is a 12.5″ fully articulated doll with fully rooted hair. For her “recon” mission on the Riviera, Jordan opted for a re-invented version of the classic hostess outfit with a floor length, detachable turquoise satin skirt over delicately striped satin capri pants, topped by a faux-leather bustier that gives this sunny look an ultra-modern, yet soft and sophisticated edge. Jordan also opted to complete the look with colorful accessories that truly make her perfect cocoa skin tone stand out and shine!
Edition Size: 725
Estimated Delivery: September 2017
Retail Price: $145.00 US
The outfit looks to be inspired by Haute Couture Ulyana Sergeenko spring summer 2014 collection.
Schermafbeelding 2017-06-27 om 21.31.58.png
The ring and earrings look to be inspired by te rose collection from Dior.

Sophistiquée Vanessa Perrin. I think she is a nice doll. I just don’t understand the fur on this look. Without the fur I think she looks a lot better. But hey, I would never say no to extra accessories.


When the plan took shape for representatives of W Cosmetics to attend the ETSA conference that was taking place in the South of France this year, it didn’t take much convincing for Vanessa to to jump on board. For weeks now, she had been hearing about changes that were coming and she wanted to be there to find out about everything before everyone else. Vanessa was definitely a Perrin, always right at the center of the action!
This stunning Vanessa Perrin doll is a fully articulated doll with rooted hair. Dressed to accompany Adèle Makéda and her cousin Eugenia on a trip to the French Riviera, Vanessa wears an ultra-modern look, composed of an intricately detailed blouse with long criss-cross ties on the sleeves and a sheer black lace skirt. Since it can get chilly at night, she took along her favorite faux-fur shoulder wrap, which incidentally happens to be one of her favorite fashion pieces!
Edition Size: 825
Estimated Delivery: Fall/Winter 2017
Retail Price: $145.00 US


Her handbag looks to be inspired by the Fendi 2014 fall winter collection.


Séduisante Elyse Jolie. Now this is quite an exciting doll. Because she is te first time an FR doll comes with 2 different feets. A high heelde and a flat feet. This doll is a W-club exclusive right to buy lottery.


When the girls arrived in the South of France, they were delighted to run across Elyse Jolie, who, unbeknownst to them, had been on vacation under the sun for quite sometime already! Sporting a luscious new “bronzé” look, this leading lady of Fashion Royalty shines like a star! 
This absolutely gorgeous, fully articulated Elyse Jolie close-up doll measures 12.5″ tall and features fully rooted hair. Seen here for the first time in the Light Honey skin tone, this wonderful addition to the Fashion Royalty collection marks the debut of the new interchangeable lower leg feature and includes two sets of lower legs, one with the traditional high-heeled feet and another with flat, removable feet, as well as corresponding shoes to fit each. Elyse also comes with her own faux-leather beach bag, jewelry and glamorous wide-frame sunglasses. 
Edition Size: 825
Estimated Delivery: Fall/Winter 2017
Retail Price: $120.00 US
The bag is inspired by this striped Balenciaga bag.
And then there was Exquise Adèle Makéda. WOW!!!! I think and many with me she is the most amazing doll. Love that suit with the cape and that hair is so gorgeous. She is such a timeless classic.
When W Cosmetics owner Véronique Perrin opted to put her close friend Adèle in charge of the W Cosmetics delegation at the annual European Trendsetters’ Association (ETSA) meeting in the South of France, she knew she had made the right decision. Who better to represent one of the key players of the beauty industry than one of the top trendsetters on the planet for 5 years running (according to Pop Magazine)? Little did any of them know that their presence there would plant the seed for a major switch in their world, the world of Fashion Royalty!
Adèle Makéda was born to play the role of W Cosmetics’ official representative. Fully articulated and standing at 12.5″ tall, this sensational version of one of FR’s founding characters features fully rooted hair. For her trek down to the South of France, Adèle opted for an impeccably tailored, red-hot pant suit that features a sophisticated removable cape that transforms the jacket into a vest and allows her to wear this look in multiple ways. She then added a custom-printed head scarf (to protect her finger wave hairstyle), faux-leather gloves and a fashionable hat to complete her look. This lady definitely knows how to travel in style!
Edition Size: 725
Estimated Delivery: Fall/Winter 2017
Suggested Retail Price: $145.00 US
This event also had an event doll. That members from the W-club could order right after the event. Merveilleuse Agnes Von Weiss is her name and she is such a gorgeous doll.

When Agnes arrived at the annual meeting of the design houses to discuss trends and fashion directions for the upcoming season, she had ideas of her own. She made an entrance and her new look immediately sent a message to everyone present that her look was the “IT” look everyone should go for!
Agnes Von Weiss is a 12.5″ fully articulated fashion doll with fully rooted hair, combed into a short, sophisticated style. In this look, she channels a world famous American designer (one of her idols) in a high-contrast, ultra-dramatic ensemble composed of a show-stopping sateen blouse with romantic puff sleeves and a v-neck mandarin collar, coupled with a high-waisted, very sheer, black guipure lace mermaid skirt lined with delicate dotted tulle. Since Agnes is all about making an impression, of course she has to have the latest fashionable accessories to complete her look and she doesn’t skimp here with her exclusively designed leopard clutch purse, closed-toe heels and custom jewelry set!
Edition Size: TBD
Estimated Delivery: Fall 2017
Suggested Retail Price: $150.00 US
She must be a hommage to Carolina Herrera

The clutch looks to be inspired by the Tassel clutch from the Row.

Schermafbeelding 2017-06-27 om 22.21.35

When you missed out on one of these ladies you still have a second chance to get them. Today Couturedolls.com is selling the collection at 5pm central time

2017 NU.FACE and Fashion Royalty Unveiling Event part 1

Last Saturday Integrity Toys had their online Webinar where they revealed their new NU.FACE and Fashion Royalty collection. And WOW what and amazing collection. They started with NU.FACE designed by Jessy Ayala.

This new collection is called heirloom. And every girl came with one. A special accessoire that has been in a family for generations.


 The first doll is Charmed Life Imogen Lennox. Yes the ladies got a Surname this year.


I am loving her red hear and the freckles. Her heiroom is a brouch that she is wearing in her hair. And I love the skirt with the pockets.

Imogen Lennox comes from a long line of beautiful women and when she was scouted by the NU. Face agency, clearly she stood out from the crowd. Her unique look always gives her an edge and she’s in high-demand, whether she’s doing runway shows in London (her native city) or traveling to some exotic locale for a stunning photo shoot. No matter where she goes, Imogen always takes her lucky brooch with her. It has been in her family for generations and has become an intricate part of her look!
Imogen is a fully articulated 12.5 inch fashion doll with fully rooted hair. In this collection, her edgy look is composed of a whimsical bouffant satin skirt over a 3/4 sleeved brocade bodysuit, which sports an elaborate lacing detail at the back. She completes this cool look with a metallic-finish purse, short lacy gloves and over-sized chunky boots. Her unique screening also features soft freckles.
Edition Size: 725
Estimated Delivery: Fall/Winter 2017
Retail Price: $140.00 US
It looks like her look is inspired by Louis Vuitton pre-fall 2016 even the boots and her bag.
Schermafbeelding 2017-06-25 om 22.51.40.png
Heiress Erin Salston. The doll is gorgeous but for me this look is all about the “FR” mini-case.

Erin Salston will not settle for less than the latest designer clothing, but she will make an exception for her mother’s antique “FR” mini-case. How can anyone resist such a timeless piece of fashion art? She certainly can’t and that little case always goes wherever she does!
Erin Salston is a 12.5 inch fully articulated fashion doll with rooted hair. In this collection, Erin travels to her next modeling assignment wearing the latest designer jacket, which she unexpectedly matched with a shiny lurex skirt with a black net overlay, perfectly on-trend this season. Erin completes the look with high-heeled lace-up booties, mesh stockings and of course, her favorite FR mini-case.

Edition Size: 725
Estimated Delivery: Fall/Winter 2017
Retail Price: $140.00 US

Her “FR” mini case looks to be inspired by this Louis Vuitton Beauty Case.

Schermafbeelding 2017-06-25 om 23.13.35

Neo-Romantic Rayna Ahmadi.


Rayna Ahmadi is a major fashionista and she loves fashion so much that she has an entire room in her fashionable London flat dedicated to her extensive collection of fashion accessories and jewelry of all sorts. Of course, the one thing that totally stands out is her large cuff bracelet, which is an antique jewelry piece that was handed down by her grandmother. Generations of women in her family have worn this piece and it has now become her signature!

Rayna is a beautiful 12.5 inch articulated doll with fully rooted hair. For this collection, Rayna dons one of her favorite looks; an edgy urban style with enough sex-appeal to make sure everyone remembers her name no matter what she does! Composed of a fitted knitted turtleneck bodysuit with oversized drop-shoulder sleeves under a pair of daringly low, ultra-fitted motocross pants, Rayna is ready to set new trends!

Edition Size: 775
Estimated Delivery: Fall/Winter 2017
Retail Price: $140.00 US

She also looks to be inspired by the 2016 pre-fall Louis Vuitton collection.

Schermafbeelding 2017-06-25 om 23.27.20.png

Her shoes are from the 2016 ready to Wear collection.

Schermafbeelding 2017-06-25 om 23.29.23

And her handbag is also inspired by a bag from the 2016 pre-fall Louis Vuitton collection

Schermafbeelding 2017-06-25 om 23.34.52

Vanity & Glamour Nadja Rhymes. I love lingerie dolls and wow this ia such an amazing girl. I love her silver grey hair and how sweet is that hand-held mirror.


Nadja Rhymes always loves to show her sensuous side in a fabulously glam way! Dressed to seduce in this gorgeous lingerie set, Nadja poses with her favorite hand-held mirror. Will the mirror tell who is the fairest one of all? It’s safe to say that in her case, it’s totally her!

Nadja Rhymes is a 12.5 articulated doll with fully rooted hair. This “close-up” version of everyone’s favorite NU. Face model wears one of the most beautiful lingerie sets ever created for a doll this scale. Wearing a delicately constructed black shrug embellished in black petals over her sexy lingerie set, this girl is a real knockout! Nadja includes shoes, jewelry and her lovely vintage chrome handheld mirror.

Edition Size: 725
Estimated Delivery: Fall/Winter 2017
Retail Price: $120.00 US

Hauntingly Lovely Ayumi Nakamura. I love how she is the perfect friend for Nadja. Their grandmothers must have been friends to because her heirloom is a matching silver plated brush.


Ayumi Nakamura loves to blend her style with her friend Nadja’s and the two have been seen modeling for one of the top lingerie designers on the planet. Since they love contrasts, Ayumi wears a delicate cream-colored petal embroidered cardigan over her own devilishly amazing lingerie set, while she brushes her lovely tresses, waiting for her turn to go in front of the camera.

Ayumi is a 12.5 inch articulated fashion doll with rooted hair. She comes dressed in a luscious lingerie set, coupled with a delicious little knitted cardigan that features perfectly scaled petals all over the sleeves. Ayumi comes complete with her mother’s cameo ring and heirloom silver plated hand-held brush and leather shoes.

Edition Size: 825
Estimated Delivery: Fall/Winter 2017
Retail Price: $120.00 US

Poetic Beauty Lilith and Eden Blair Twin-Doll Gift Set. What an amazing set!!! They will be a W club exclusive right-to-buy lottery.

Lilith and Eden like to create traditions of their own. The sisters are so close, that everything they do is a moment to cherish and remember. Still, like all the other girls at the NU. Face agency, they have their own little accessories that they would consider their “lucky charms” and they never leave home without them!

LIlith and Eden are a fantastic duo of 12.5 inch articulated dolls with rooted hair. Each doll comes dressed in a totally edgy look composed of multiple pieces that overlay to create modern urban ensembles that are sure to take a special place in any collection. Each doll in the set comes with retro-inspired handbags, lace-up high-heeled boots, and those lucky tassel earrings that the sisters love so much! 

Edition Size: 925
Estimated Delivery: September 2017
Retail Price: $199.00 US 

Also the twins are dressed in 2016 ready to wear en pre-fall Louis Vuitton inspired looks and accessories.

And Eden’s dress looks to be inspired by this dress from the Erdem spring summer 2016 colection.

Schermafbeelding 2017-06-26 om 21.38.08.png














Later today more about the new Fashion Royalty collection


East Meets West

This Weekend Jamie Show is having their convention in Chicago. The Theme of this 4th convention is East Meets West.

Schermafbeelding 2017-06-25 om 14.05.24

It started on Friday with a Cocktail party and a Live band.  And the opening of the JAMIEshow Store. And Wow They had some amazing dolls and fashion available for the conventioneers.

I love his Madra in a John Galliano inspired outfit. I think the mask with a more “evil” variation of her face is just brilliant.

And they had a gorgeous Gene dressed in a Purple suit.

And how cool is this black and white Trent. He would be perfect to display together with the 20th Anniversary Gene souvenir doll Black Lipstick from 2015.

And JAMIEshow presented their 2017 Basis line. Lee, Tatum, Alejandro, Audrey, Veronika and Sofia are all dressed in polkadot designs.

And there were soma amazing asian inspired fashions available.

Yesterday during the Gala diner the conventioneers got a souvenir doll.

For the JAMIEshow Dolls line it was Ling Lang Flying Dragon. And I love the lace detail at the back of her gown.

Or from the Gene line the new character Lana Lee.

Usually after convention some of the new collection will be for sale on the JAMIEshow website.

for more information: http://www.jamieshowdoll.com


Mattel @ Gallery1988

The pop culture Gallery 1988 in LA opened an exposition yesterday called Mattel.

Schermafbeelding 2017-06-24 om 22.05.10.png

Many different artists made something for this exposition. And from today the collection is also for sale on their website.

My favorite pieces is of course Barbie related. Its an oil painting by Mab Graves called “Barbie Boy”.

Schermafbeelding 2017-06-24 om 22.09.21.png

But Mattel is not just Barbie. So here some other amazing pieces that I really like.

Lord of Destruction from Bennet Slater inspired by He-Man:

Schermafbeelding 2017-06-24 om 22.13.01

She-Ra an Swift Wind from Crowded teeth inspired by She-Ra Princess of Power:

Schermafbeelding 2017-06-24 om 22.14.55.png

Ask Again Later from Laura Colors inspired by Magic 8 Ball:

Schermafbeelding 2017-06-24 om 22.17.43

And there is a lot more:

for more information:

Mattel 2017

Rimdoll Silkstone Ooak collection

The Vietnamese Designer Kha Than from Rimdoll added some amazing ooak Silkstone dolls to his webshop today. And they are all so different. I see some big Disco hair, a green glitter stripped that would look fabulous in a Studio54 setting, A fun Flapper girl from the 20ties and a gorgeous beauty in a silver blue gown.

I am so tempted…. But I have to be good. 😦

But I am sure these beauty will find a wonderful home.









Barbie by PienAge

Mattel is selling their Barbie license to a lot of companies. Especially in Asia. And I kinda like it to see all these products like stationary, beauty items and fashion with these Barbie sketches by Robert Best.

So one of the latest products are these Barbie contact Lenses you can get in Japan. I saw them on Instagram and the packaging looks very cute.

They are made by a company called PienAge. They have a color print on them that make your eyes bigger and give them a different color. They have 3 different designs.

More Dream:

My Dear:

And little Secret:

They also made these contact lens cases with matching designs.


The price for these contact lenses are $19.50 for a set of 6.

for more information: http://www.pienage.jp

M by Mischa & Barbie

The Indonesian fashion brand M by Mischa released a fun Barbie fashion collection.

Schermafbeelding 2017-06-16 om 15.41.11.png

I love how they translated Iconic Barbie fashions into this collection. Like this top that is inspired by the vintage outfit Solo in the Spotlight.

And the ruffles on this look are a hommage to the classic Barbie Peaches and Cream.

Here an overview of the collection.

for more information: http://www.mbymischa.com