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Barbie X Missguided : The Festival Collection

Barbie again collaborated with Missguided. And this time they made a Festival Collection.

There a lot of fun pieces in this collection.

My favorites are this faux suede fringe biker jacket.

Schermafbeelding 2018-04-23 om 23.26.48.png

And these cute rose gold cat ears head band.

Schermafbeelding 2018-04-23 om 23.20.18


The DollObservers Gift collection.

The DollObservers.com released  fun collection of gifts for Fashion Doll Lovers that you can find in their new webshop.

Its a collection of Pillows, Posters, Bags, Phone Cases and T-shirts. Perfect to wear at convention or to give as table gifts.

formore information: http://www.dollobservers.com

2018 Barbie Hallmark Ornament Collection

It’s a little bit early to think about Christmas. But not when you are a Barbie Hallmark ornament fan. This week Hallmark released their new 2018 Holiday collection and that had some great Barbie ornaments.

My favorite is this Glam Gown Barbie ornament.


she is $24.99 but you have to be a club member to buy her.

And how cute is the vintage Skipper ornament in her vintage box.



Barbie Soda Shop ornament.



Barbie Chef ornament.



Barbie Shoe-sational! Special Edition Metal ornament.



And a Barbie Angel Lights Tree Topper with Light.



They also gave a sneak of the 2018 Holiday Barbie Ornament.


for more information: http://www.hallmark.com


Grant-a-Wish 2018

This weekend its was time for GAW. This year the theme was “Off to the Races, Derby Style”

The conventioneers were treated on some amazing goodies.


I especially love the convention doll called “Off to the Races, Derby Style.  The convention used the Camel Coat Silkstone doll. Her facial paint was enhanced by Angie Gill, and her fashion was designed and sewn by Virginia Harwood.

As a tradition GAW always have a few dolls with a small variation. So some people were lucky to get her.

Schermafbeelding 2018-04-22 om 15.17.40

Here you can see the variation doll has a softer make-up palette and a pink pearl necklace.

The Charity auction is always a big part of GAW.  They raisedover $36.000 !!! Check out their facebook page where you can see many pictures from the amazing donations by many Ooak Artists.

Mattel also donated an ooak doll by the Mattel designer Kelley Lindberg.

My personal favorite ooak from the auction was this amazing creation by Magia2000.


And this was not the only doll Magia2000 brought to this convention. They created this amazing goup of dolls in classic couture and dressed for the races. They even had a Magia2000 Jocky.

Next year its the 30th !!! GAW convention. And it will take place in Livonia at the Marriott hotel on 12, 13  and 14 of April. And the theme is Journey to Japan.

Schermafbeelding 2018-04-22 om 22.22.47

for more information:


Portuguese Doll Convention Charity Auction.

The Portuguese Doll Convention started their Ebay Charity Auction.

The Charity is SOS Children Village.


In the auction you can find this cool ooak Barbie by Mattel designer Carlyle Nuera called Maria Amalia.


I also love the variation dolls that David Bocci made from the extra convention doll Lady Lion.


So check out this Ebay Charity Auction for these an many other dolls.



And yes, Clowns are creepy 😉


For all the RuPaul’s Drag Race fans out there Pearl Liaison has finally released her fashion doll Vladonna.



Vladonna is Pearl’s alter ego and he is drawing her for many years now. Together with the Doll Artist Gina Garan they started making her into a real fashion doll.

And now together with premier art toy brand Kidrobot they turned her into a DIY Alternative Fashion Doll.

Matthew Lent aka Pearl:

Our inspiration for Vladonna was to create a fun and fantastical world where you can escape from the reality. Vladonnas world is only limited to your imagination, where the stresses of life simply dont exist. Vladonna is for everyone, because she is everyone no matter your sexuality, gender, race, size or talent. There is an unattainable standard to exist in this world; shine but dont overshadow, be open but protect yourself, tell the truth but stay politically correct. But Vladonna doesnt even know who the president is! She is the coffee break from lifes pressures full of fun, fashion and glamour. She allows you the chance to show the world what beauty truly means to you with the DIY customizable version. Vladonna is whoever you want her to be!”

The Vladonna DIY Alternative Fashion Doll stands approximately 12 inches tall and comes in 3 hair colors.

Artists across the globe have created custom masterpieces with Vladonna for the launch!

 You can find these creatures at Vladonna’s instagram account @Vladonnaworld.

for more information: http://www.kidrobot.com

Barbie X Sephora Miniature

The BarbieX Sephora collection in finally available on their website.

Schermafbeelding 2018-04-14 om 01.03.01

I think this boombox is such a funny design.

At the @Barbiestyle Instagram account they showed these fun pictures where Barbie had her own miniature version.

I made a template from this design so your dolls can also have one.

Schermafbeelding 2018-04-14 om 01.00.50

With this link you can download the file in a high resolution.


Download it and print it on some 200gr / 250gr a4 paper