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Lovetones GirlDoll

Tomorrow Lovetones is releasing 2 fashion sets from their AW22 Collection called GirlDoll.

Lena is modeling GIRLDOLL Fashion Set A

Limited Edition : 100
Price : USD$150

Fashion Set(A) Included:
Black Mohair Blend A-line Dress
MA-1 Bomber Jacket with Hood
Black & White Pearl Necklace
Gabrielle Bag
White Net Tights
Cult Long-Boots
Certificate of Authenticity

Roxy is modeling GIRLDOLL Fashion Set B

Limited Edition : 100
Price : USD$150

Fashion Set(B) Included:
Silver Mohair Blend Dress
(Dropped shoulder lamb sleeve and tulip skirt)
Parka Coat
Black Ribbon (Applied to Head Piece, Belt or Tie)
Gabrielle Bag
Black Net Tights
Cult Short-Boots
Certificate of Authenticity

Lovetones is taking order through mail for these fashions on Sep 12, 2022, AM12:00(noon) New York Time.

Kingdom Doll Convention Day 3

Saturday night we had our final diner.

Here our convention doll Sherlock was revealed.

And they used the adored housemodel Seymour for Sherlock !!!!!

I LOVE everything about this doll !!!! Her suit is a perfect miniature Couture replica from an Alexander McQueen pre-fall 2009 suit.

And her hair is inspired by the Fall 2016 Gareth Pugh fashion show.

We also got some cute extra accessories with Sherlock.

I adore the miniature newspaper that we got. And it told us the story of Sherlock Holmes, DR. Marlow Watson and soon to be revealed centerpiece doll Marishka Moriarty.

Then the winners from the travel doll competition where announced. The first prices where a color variation dress from the dress that Watson was wearing. The second price was a set of the book bags in different colors. In this picture by Nicolas Colombies from nc-dollcouture on Instagram you can see the Aubergine and Orange variation dress.

And in this picture by Andrew-Roy Tipper you can see the Black and Lime Green variation dress. As you can see there is also a Red and Fuchsia variation of this dress. This was a gift from Kingdom Doll for the helpers.

Then it was time for the revealing of the centerpiece doll. Marishka Moriarty has the new Cornovii sculpt. And WOW she is a true centerpiece doll.

That Face, her gown, fur stole and long mohair wig. She is perfection.

And I love her crystal headpiece. It reminded me of this Alexander McQueen headpiece from the 2007 Fall Winter collection.

Then something very special happend. Normally the edition size of a center piece doll is very limited. So we all could put our name in a bowl and some lucky winners would have the chance to buy ther. But this year the ladies keep on pulling names out of the bowl. And soon it was clear that EVERYBODY had the opportunity to buy this GODDESS !!! This was the perfect ending of this years Kingdom Dolls convention.

Kingdom Doll Convention Day 2

The second day of convention we had an High Tea at the Grand.

There was a Tombola where everybody got a gift. You could win outfits, bags and shoes. I got a gorgeous pair of white pumps with glitter. There was also a Bric-a-Bric stall with all kind of stuff. Fashions, shoes, stands ect ect. If you where interested in buying one of the items you could put in a ticket with your name.

There was another Re-imagined Ooak called Realm Majesty. And people who didn’t attend the convention in 2018 could enter for the lottery to have the chance to buy her.

This day was also the day where people could vote on the travel doll competition. Whe two categories that you could enter.

Tea and Arsenic

Baskerville Ball

I loved them all and it was so cool to see how talented and creative this group of collectors is.

We all got these cute accessories from Kingdom Doll. I especially love the owl handbag.

And we got our companion doll Watson !!!!!

I am soooooo in LOVE with this girl. She comes on the new smaller bust body and for the first time without the sculpted lingerie. I love everything about this girl. She is based on the housemodel Marlow but she has a lighter skin tone. Her make-up is stunning and I love how she almost looks like a classic Victorian porcelain doll.

The fashion is inspired by Zimmermann. And it was so perfectly timed that one of the collectors give us all the latest issue of “Hello! Fashion” that had a big editorial that was filled with these dresses.

Watson also came with this very cute book handbag.

Tomorrow I will post about the final diner on Saturday where we got the official convention doll Sherlock and the centerpiece doll Moriarty was revealed.

Kingdom Doll Convention Day 1

Last Thursday 50 doll collectors from all over the world came together in York for the Kingdom Doll Convention. This years theme was Baker Street.

The convention took place in the hotel The Grand. The perfect place for a Sherlock Holmes inspired convention.

The convention started Thursday evening with a cocktail party.

We got a sneak preview from one of their latest dolls called Harlow. Who has the new Taexali sculpt.

For the event she was dressed in a Gorgeous ooak gown. And I cant wait to see her final look when she will be released later this year.

There was another very special doll on display. her name is Constatine.

She is a One of a Kind Re-imagined Churchill. And she was the silence auction doll for this event.

Kingdom Doll also had a new MERCH collection. Specially made for this convention.

Then Kingdom Doll revealed a very special project. Pictures were not allowed but later that evening this hint was posted on their Instagram Stories

All I can say is that I am in LOVE with these Gorgeous Creatures with their spectacular details. A piece of ART in resin. 

“Once he hears to his heart’s content, sails on, a wiser man.
We know all the pains that the Greeks and Trojans once endured
on the spreading plain of Troy when the gods willed it so—
all that comes to pass on the fertile earth, we know it all!”

We also got an amazing gown as a welcoming gift. I LOVE the rich beading and the colors. Here the gown is modeled by the gorgeous Harmony. Picture by the very talented Andrew-Roy Tipper.

This evening was the perfect beginning of the convention.

Barbie Vintage Miniature Bookcase

Last year my last miniature was this bookcase filled with vintage Ken miniatures.

But my dolls collect more then just Vintage Ken dolls so I just had to make them a Vintage Barbie one.

I think it turned out so cute with all the amazing vintage Barbie graphics. And if you want one for your own dolls this bookcase filled with 35 miniatures is available for pre-order.

The price of the bookcase will be $200 with shipping and will take 2 to 3 weeks to complete. For now I will only make 10 of them

If you are interested in one of these bookcases you can contact me at rogier.corbeau@gmail.com or send me a pm on Facebook.

Lovetones Dreamland Look5

Did you missed out on the Lovetones dolls Dreamland Look 3&4 to weeks ago.

There is a Look 5 comming very soon. Today on Instagram Stories Lovetones released this picture.

A gold color variation from the phyton blazer we saw last year.

There will be 9 Lena dolls dressed in this color variation look with the pink feather headpiece.

And I think she has one of the most gorgeous screening ever. Lover the warm tones with the golden dots under her eyes.

More details will be released soon on Instagram.



Tomorrow Kingdom Doll will release Setantii. She is from one of their new “Signature” doll lines called “90’s Supermodel” The “Signature” lines feature delicate hand sculpted corsetry dolls that are unique in style to each doll.  There is a ‘Heritage’ collection with girls based around the late 1940’s , the 1990’s ‘Supermodel’ collection and the  ‘Atelier’ collection.

Setantii is a brand new head sculpt and also a new body shape, a fuller bust and a more rounded hip. Her waist has remained the same size but her bust, hips and bottom are larger than our regular dolls. So some of the past KD fashions might not fit.

Setantii come in the Devonshire Cream ressin. Her lips are in two tones of soft magenta pink. Baby blue eyes framed with applied upper and lower lashes. Shadow in Baby Pink/Cotton Candy/Dark Orchid. High blushed templets and cheeks in rose pink.

Setantii is dressed in a voluminous peach peignoir with ivory lace and ribbon detail. Her accessories are pale blue and white “boudoir” stiletto mules and a peach hat box style travel case, with powder blue metallic edging and strap. The interior of the case is lined in powder blue and white striped fabric.

Setantii’s edition size is 50 and her price will be $795 plus shipping. She will go on sale tomorrow the 14th of February at 6pm UK time. At this time you can send your email to let them know you are interested in buying her to info@kingdomdoll.co.uk for more information http://www.kingdomdoll.co.uk

Here some more pictures from this Supermodel in some different outfits and wigs that Kingdom Doll posted over the last year.


David McKenney from Pidgin Doll anounced such a cool project today. A collaboration between Pidgin Doll abd Amanda Lepore !!!

The project is called Heavenly Body.

 a Gorgeous limited edition sculpture of Amanda Lepore. Inspired by Stanley Kubrick’s 1968 science fiction epic “2001: A Space Odyssey.

There will be two color versions available on February the 14th

Amanda Lepore x Pidgin Doll Limited Edition Sculpture — “Blush”

Edition Size — 50 Pieces. $850 USD plus shipping.

Amanda Lepore x Pidgin Doll Limited Edition Sculpture — “Cream”

Edition Size — 20 Pieces. $1050 USD plus shipping.

for more information: http://www.pidgindoll.com/amanda-lepore-pidgin-doll

Dreamland Part 2

Today Lovetones released the second part of the Dreamland collection.

Lena and Roxy are both dressed in amazig metalic python outfits and I love their dark beauty looks.

The dressed dolls are both released in a very limited edition of just 10 each. But this time you can also just get the amazing outfits.

Dreamland Lena look #3
Limited Edition :
Dressed Doll : 10(Sold out) / Price : USD$350
Fashion Set(No doll) : 40(Available order by email now) / Price : USD$150

Tall : 31.5 cm And 14 Joints
Skin : Fair
Hair : Pure Black
Eyes : Rosewood
Make-Up : Nude Pink Lips and Violet Eyeshadow

Outfit Included:
Look 3/
Mermaid Sequin Gown with Gold Python Pattern
Black Lace Crown
Double Belt Bag with Crocodile Pattern
Acrylic Crystal Necklace
High Heels with Acrylic Crystal
Certificate of Authenticity

Dreamland Roxy #Look4
Limited Edition :
Dressed Doll : 10(Sold out) / Price : USD$350
Fashion Set(No doll) : 30(Available order by email now) / Price : USD$150

Tall : 31.5 cm And 14 Joints
Skin : Fair
Hair : Pure Black
Eyes : Rosewood
Make-Up : Nude Pink Lips and Violet Eyeshadow

Outfit Included:
Look 4/
Puff Skirt with Silver Python Pattern Sequin
Black Tights
Dramatic Feather Hat (Real Ostrich Feather)
Double Belt Bag
High Heels with Acrylic Crystal
Certificate of Authenticity

The dolls are already sold out but if you are interested in the outfits you can send an email at roccoliang@lovetonesdoll.com

Here some more pictures of the outfits getting boxed up as shown on Instagram today.


Rue Des Mille Meets Barbie

Jewelry brand Rue des Mille made a collection inspired by Barbie her style, a super special edition. Nine iconic pieces, like her, to best represent your personality.

I think my favorite piece is the velvet choker with a drop-shaped cubic zirconia stone.

Prices starting at 48euro. for more information : http://www.ruedesmille.com