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Jason Wu 10th Anniversary dolls

So yesterday this new doll from Jason Wu went on sale at Net a Porter Asia.


She was sold out in minutes. And this morning she went on sale in Europe and in the USA.  This doll is part off the 10th Jason Wu Anniversary collection.

last years fall they announced this new collection off dolls during the Integrity Toys convention. Where they showed the first doll from this collection called La Vie En Blue Elyse Jolie.


And at the beginning off this year they made a red hair color variation for the W club members. These new dolls all have the new velvet touch skin.

So Yesterdays doll was doll nr 3. And there will be 4 more !!!

Each off the dolls will feature the Elyse Jolie sculpt. one that Jason has called his miniature “muse” and are on the Fashion Royalty FR 6.0 body.

Each of the five dolls will be done in an ultra-limited edition of 200 dolls per look and will retail for $225 per doll.

Two dolls, one dressed in an evening look and other in daywear, will be available through Bergdorf Goodman, who is no stranger to these collaborations, having previously partnered with Wu on collector dolls to celebrate “Fashion’s Night Out”. One will be available through Net-a-Porter (the one that was released yesterday) , one through Nordstrom and one will be exclusive to Wu‘s website at JasonWu.com.

The four dolls that still have to come will be dressed in these Jason Wu runway looks.

Spring Summer 2008:


Fall Winter 2011:


Spring Summer 2011:


fall winter 2013:


Jason Wu at Net A Porter

Net a Porter Asia just released a gorgeous doll by Jason Wu.

She is a Net a Porter exclusive.



Its an Elyse Jolie, dressed in a Jason Wu gown from his Fall Winter 2012 collection.


EXCLUSIVE AT NET-A-PORTER.COM. Before he began his career in fashion, Jason Wu worked for 10 years as a toy designer. This limited edition doll is created with high-end specialists Integrity Toys and dressed in an acid-bright chartreuse gown from Wu’s Spring ’12 runway show. Fully posable with a display stand, this exquisitely detailed collector’s item has glossy patent sandals, long eyelashes and coordinating red lips and nails.

I love her face and red long hair.


And how cool are these shoes.


for more information:



Last Sunday Phyn & Aero had their first doll event in The Desmond Hotel in Albany. Here they presented 3 event dolls.

 Free Radical Annora:

Nancy Ann Alice:


And the first Kadira Doll by Andrew Yang.


Her name is Ophelia and I love this new doll. Her red hair with the pale skintone is always a fav combination for me with dolls. And then this gorgeous lace gown !!!


She is a 13inch tesin ball-jointed doll with 15 points of articulation.

Schermafbeelding 2017-10-12 om 20.38.37

Here is Ophelia’s story to introduce her:

The Renaissance Ball in London is a who’s who of high society – old world royalty rubbing shoulders with ambassadors and movie stars – it’s tables are known as the highest price in the world for any fundraiser for the Shakespearean Arts, precisely because it is not only the place to be seen, but what better place to broker a peace deal, or an art sale?

Aside from the regular crop of Who Wore it Best – the affair is usually a stuffy one, where everyone is usually practicing their best behavior, delivering sanitized sound bites to the press and going through the motions of the one percent hustle. But at this year’s gala, one mysterious woman stole the night.   

From the moment playboy heir Ramses Ducati ascended the red carpet, the paparazzi went wild, and the press all clamored to the front lines. On the arm of the world’s wealthiest playboy, was a red-haired beauty in a stunning couture confection of dusty gold. No one knew her name, and she and Mr. Ducati only smiled and laughed when asked, breezing by the peanut gallery and sending us all to our phones to research before the festivities started.  

Was she a model? A new ingénue? Daughter of a Russian oligarch or cousin to Saudi royalty?  

But no one found out – and it sent the organizers of the gala into a frenzy as the perplexing beauty was ushered to a seat reserved for Mr. Ducati’s usual companion, the painter Massimo DeVries. And as if this scandalous entrance wasn’t enough, you can imagine the shock of everyone in the room when she took Mr. DeVries’ placard, and burned it over the candelabras and champagne!  

As the night went on, it was clear that Ramses and this mystery woman had started the party much earlier – the pair laughed and cackled at inside jokes during the speeches from the chairman, and yawned as the head of the Globe Theater made his thanks and talked about the year’s upcoming productions.  

They were only silent during the spellbinding performance of Adjuma Grace’s Opehlia aria – and even though the opera singer’s beauty shone bright and voice carried to the stars, all eyes were watching the stunning mystery woman – who seemed transported to another world, eyes closed and tears rolling down her cheeks.  She was the first to stand in an ovation, pushing over her chair and rushing to the stage, almost stumbling over the endless ruffles in her gown. When Ramses, who at this point looked mildly embarrassed, scurried to her side to bring her back to the table, she gave him a venomous stare and cursed loudly, before fleeing the room herself!  

Who is this enigmatic Ophelia? 

The dolls are now also available on their website:


for pictures from the event you can check their Facebook page:


Magia2000 Fairytales Collection

Today Magia2000 presented their Fairytales collection. They introduced their collection on Facebook with a fun live video.

Schermafbeelding 2017-10-12 om 20.12.02

That you can still see on their facebook page:


And here are the dolls.

Magic Fairy Godmother:


Magic Maleficent:


Lady Tremaine:


Magic Tinkerbell:


Magic Belle:


Magic Morgan le Fay:


In The Magic Hood:


Magic Alice:


Magic Snow White:


Magic Cruella:


And a fabulous Poppy Parker OOAK. This is the first time Magia2000 work on a Poppy Parker doll. Her name is Cinderella in Venice.


After the video presentation the dolls went on sale at their website.

for more information http://www.magia2000.com

Magic Queen of Hearts

There is a new Queen in town and she is GORGEOUS. She is the latest creation of Magia2000 and her name is Magic Queen of Hearts.


She is the first doll from their new Fairytales collection.

This amazing lady is now available on Ebay.


Next Thursday The guys will reveal the rest off this collection with a live preview on Facebook at 5pm Italian time. And at 5:30 this new collection will be available on their website.

for more information: http://www.magia2000.com

Decade Dolls

The new Pidgin Doll collection is called the Decade Dolls.

The dolls are a collaboration between Joshua McKenny the creator of Pidgin Doll and hatmaker Julia Knox. Every doll in this collection is inspired by a feminine Icon from a different era. The Decade Dolls celebrate Joshua’s five year anniversary as a doll artist.

The dolls were on display this weekend at East Village Hats.

Schermafbeelding 2017-10-08 om 11.47.06.png

Each Decade Doll has a human hat to match.

Insider made a cool report on this collection.

Schermafbeelding 2017-10-08 om 12.01.19.png


for more information: http://www.pidgindoll.com & http://www.eastvillagehats.nyc



Matthew Sutton new Ooak collection


Today Matthew Sutton released his online ooak collection. And OMG so many gorgeous ladies. I love his classic style. In his new collection you could find day dresses, cocktail and evening gowns. And of course all ladies came with his signature winged eyeliner make-up

Some off these gorgeous ladies are still available.

for more information: http://mattsutton.com/2017firsttoknow