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1:6 Color magic giftset miniature

My dolls collect dolls and today they got a package from Italy. Big Eyes Poppy Parker was the lucky one to play with this new doll first.


This 1:6 Color magic giftset miniature is made by the very talented Italian artists Mauro from Me and My dolls.

The details on this set are amazing. The fashion are made of fabric and the miniature doll has real hair !!!


If you are interested in this set you have to be fast. Mauro’s miniatures always sell out fast.

While I am writing this there is just one left in his Etsy shop.

for more information: www.etsy.com/shop/memyd

Larry Torno Photo Volume Three

The photographer Larry Torno released a new book and this time its about his Barbie art photography.

Schermafbeelding 2017-03-23 om 23.27.18

When Is A Doll Not A Doll presents select images from a 2009 gallery exhibition of 26 portraits of original Barbie dolls dating from 1959 – 1972. The year long project focused more on finding the inherent personality of each doll, and less on the trending fashion accessories. The result was a study in infusing lifelike characteristics to innate objects. As writer and art critic Kara Krekeler puts it, “look at them long enough, and you forget they’re plastic playthings.”

NeoClassically Barbie began with a collection of miscellaneous Barbie heads. Some of them have traditional doll hair and make-up while others are absent of paint and details. They were composed in relation to contemporary images to create square, single-shot photographs, not retouched in computer software.

Nudes began while I was preparing images for an exhibition and wondered if I had taken the Barbie series as far as I could. The answer was “No” and perception-versus-reality became the theme.

Thrift Store Dolls takes Barbie right off the shelf and into the studio for contemporary fashion shoots.

Classic 1959 looks back at a remake of the very first Barbie and her universal appeal.

The book is for sale at Blurb.com and here you can also see a preview.

for more information:



Yatabazah Luxery Wigs

A new shop opened on Etsy called Yatabazah Luxery Wigs. Handmade wigs for fashion dolls made with mohair, human hair and yak.

I love their Blythe doll wigs.

And how cool is their packaging.


And how gorgeous are these 11,5″ fashion doll wigs.

But my absolute favorite is this flower wig.


for more information: www.etsy.com/nl/shop/YatabazahLuxuryWigs

Du Jour A la Nuit

The Vietnamese designer Hoang Anh Khoi released his new collection called Du Jour La Nuit and I think it’s gorgeous.


I think the 2 check fashion are my favorite.

I love how this designer is always working with a collection and is telling a story.

for more information:



An other doll that will be released next week is BomBom.


She is a new lady by Modsdoll.

She has the Miao sculpt and new body that they also used on their previous doll Sasha.

She will be released on March 27th 9am Korean Time.

for more information http://www.themodsdoll.com

Saffron & Cerise

Numina is coming with 2 new ladies and they are gorgeous.


Saffron is a Sung Numina sculpt in pale skintone, with dark umber eyes edged in double winged liner and saffron inner shadow with glossed deep coral lips. In a fuchsia silk shantung “origami tail” jacket striped in yellow, combined with a pale pink “kitty” insignia bustier and printed floral silk charmeuse pleated and cropped hakama pants. Paired with full hot pink hose. metallic purple strapped platform heels, navy envelope clutch, and rocking gold superstar earrings. Raven and violet fringed wig.


Cerise is a Sung Numina sculpt in pale skintone, with dark umber eyes edged in double winged liner and powder blue inner shadow with glossed pale coral lips. In a cerulean silk shantung “origami tail” jacket striped in fuchia, combined with a pale yellow “kitty” insignia bustier and printed geometric silk charmeuse pleated and cropped hakama pants. Paired with full cerulean hose. metallic blue strapped platform heels, cerise envelope clutch, and rocking gold superstar earrings. Carrot and titian fringed wig.

The price of these ladies will be $735 and they wil be for pre-order at http://www.dollcis.com on Saturday, March 25 at 2PM Est

Barbie & Matty Bovan

In London they celebrated Barbie’s birthday last week in a special way. The British Fashion Designer Matty Bovan created a special Barbie collection for the department store Selfridges.

The collection off ooak dolls, badges and tshirts were available in a popup store.

Schermafbeelding 2017-03-20 om 23.20.36

Here is the collection of ooak dolls Matty Bovan created.

He even customised one of her pink cars.

Schermafbeelding 2017-03-20 om 23.44.15

The t-shirts and badge are also available on the website of Selfridges.


The price of the t-shirts are €51 and the badge is €23.

for more information http://www.selfridges.com