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A Dutch Barbie collector in Holland


Ficondoll is releasing a new doll and she is GORGEOUS !!! Her name is Deja.

40744740881_942f2dd672_o.jpgShe has new sculpt and tan skin.


She has yellow color rider jacket,green snake skin pattern mini dress,beige color motorcycle bag,black shoes,deep green color earring.
also including basic hands,waist hands,dressing ball,adjustable doll stand,wig…
outfit by Rhi
makeup by YB and K
wig by Ilaria Mazzoni
shoes by Sherry
photo by Cholo
She goes on sale at 9:00 AM Korean time on the 15th off March.
for more information: http://www.ficondoll.com

Barbie Convention in Japan 2018

Paris was not the only convention last weekend. On Sunday also Japan had their Barbie Convention.


And it looked like they had an amazing time.

One of my fav parts of the convention is the fashion show. The costumes the collectors made for this convention are so good.

Schermafbeelding 2018-03-12 om 18.34.17

During the convention there were several competitions and expositions.

Schermafbeelding 2018-03-12 om 18.48.14

Schermafbeelding 2018-03-12 om 18.49.50

Schermafbeelding 2018-03-12 om 18.52.00

And they also had a Silence Auction. The donation from Mattel is called  Abstract Allure and this is the first Ooak for a Charity auction by the Mattel designer Glenda Chui.

Schermafbeelding 2018-03-12 om 19.18.16

The donation from Magia2000 is called Asakusa Flowers Party.


And I love the doll dressed in a gold kimono with lotus flowers.

The centerpiece dolls was this Barbie dressed in a kimono.

Schermafbeelding 2018-03-12 om 19.24.53.png

Mario and Gianni from Magia2000 brought an amazing collection of ooak dolls to Japan.

Schermafbeelding 2018-03-12 om 19.28.30.png

This lady is inspired by the Japanese cartoon Tiger Mask.

And of course they brought and Lady Oscar doll.

As a convention doll Mattel gave the same doll as collectors got the day before in Paris.

The Japanese convention looks like a great one to visit.

And next year the convention is on the 03-03-2019.

for more information:


Aquatalis ooak repaints

Aquatalis released a new collection of repaints. And this time they use Poppy Parker, Fashion Royalty and a 16inch Poppy Parker dolls. The collection is stunning and now for sale in their Etsy shop.

Poppy Parker:


Fashion Royalty:


16inch Poppy Parker:


for more information: www.etsy.com/shop/Aquatalis

World of Magic

Today the Spanish Doll Convention announced some very exciting news. Their extra convention doll this year will be designed by MAGIA2000 !!!!


And its a perfect fit because this year the theme of the Spanis Doll convention is World of Magic.


The convention will take place on October 6 and 7 and the edition of this extra doll by Magia2000 will be 101.

Captura de pantalla 2018-02-18 a las 20.05.06

for more information http://www.spanishdollconvention.com


Paris Fashion Doll Festival day 3

The Sunday is the day for the Salesroom at the Paris Fashion Doll Festival. But for the Sybarite collectors the day starts extra early. It’s a tradition that collectors start to cue very early for the special Sunday edition. And rumor i that this year the first collectors were down at 3 in the night.


Instead of table gifts this year I brought “Sunday Morning Early Bird” gifts. A numbered set of designer bags for the first 20 collectors.


It sounds a bit crazy to cue up in line this early. But it’s a Paris tradition and always a lot of fun. And 6,5 hours later we were rewarded with the most Amazing doll.



There is no official Superdoll yet from this beauty but her Gown is amazing. And the redheads are always special for me.


The salesroom itself was not so big this year. But you can always find a lot of fun stuff here.

And you can see more pictures from the salesroom at my Flickr page.


Another great treat was that grace was on display. The new 1/6 scale doll by Superdoll from the House of Zenith. And she was there with here 2 sisters also called Grace.


I can’t wait to see what the future will bring for this new line of dolls.


Paris Fashion Doll Festival day 2

On Saturday it was time for the Luncheon at the Novotel. During registration they held the silence auction.

One of the highlights of the silence auction was the ooak doll by Mattel designer Carlyle Nuera called Spring at Versaille.


Carlyle Nuera:

Introducing Spring at Versailles Barbie, my OOAK donation to this year’s Paris Fashion Doll Festival. My inspiration came from the amazing book I’m currently reading, ‘The Battle of Versailles: The Night American Fashion Stumbled into the Spotlight and Made History’ by @robingivhan! It’s about when in 1973, five American designers ‘battled’ against five French designers at the Palace of Versailles. Each faction showed up and showed out, bringing out the best of each country’s fashion identity. The American designers not only stunted with beautiful ready-to-wear (versus Parisian couture) but they also casted their presentation with many models of color. This event most definitely changed the course of fashion, not just in terms of clothing itself but also in terms of diversity in casting models. So alllll o dat got me thinking ‘What would a Battle of Versailles look like today?’ And from reading Robin Givhan’s book and ruminating on what fashion (clothes and the models in the clothes) looks like today, came this Barbie! Spring at Versailles is my idea of a modern Parisian couture sensibility; meticulous but still fun and a little surreal-quirky. Her mermaid gown features metallic foiled nude lace appliqued with graduated tulle ruffles in tones of peach, lavender, chartreuse, ruby and navy. She uses the Generation Girl Mari face sculpt with side glancing brown eyes framed with teal winged eyeliner. Her ruby red hair is styled in finger waves, set off with long iridescent rhinestones earrings that kiss her shoulders.

And I think that the French designer Jean Paul Gaultier was a big inspiration for this gown.

Then the luncheon itself started. What I always love is that collectors bring amazing dolls to the tables and at the 2 Superdoll tables you could see 3 ChalkWhites !!! from the latest ooak collection.


I always love seeing these mystical couture creatures.

And then it was time to reveal the Superdoll event doll. Charles and Desmond started talking about her and told us the this doll was inspired by the Novotel.

Not the Hotel itself but the 2 cherry trees that are always in blossom during the Paris Fashion Doll Festival.

Schermafbeelding 2018-03-12 om 09.34.58

And then moment came they showed us Titan.



What a doll !!!! I am so in Love with her. Her face her gown. She is everything !!!!!

Then the guys showed us Grace again. The new resin 1/6 doll from the House of Zenith by Superdoll and told us that the next OOAK collection would be revealed at the Roma Fashion Doll convention at the end of this year.

Now it was time for Barbie. And a girl dressed like the event doll came on stage and showed us the event doll.


Her name is Striking in Stripes.


And according to the box her edition size is 3000…. So it looks like all convention all over the world except the USA convention is getting this doll. Or maybe variations and that the total edition size is 3000. But even then… the total off Paris, Japan, Portugal, Milan, Madrid1, Madrid2 and Rome is never 3000.


Paris Fashion Doll Festival day 1

Last weekend I went to Paris for the Paris Fashion Doll Festival. This convention normally starts at Friday with a Superdoll event where collectors get there Sybarite convention doll. But this year the convention canceled this event and moved the presentation of the doll to he Luncheon on Saturday.

I was quite sad to hear this but then X&S Productions and Superdoll saved the day by organizing an off-schedule event in Paris called Comme des Soeurs.


And it was fabulous. We all came together in Shake n’Smash. A nice cocktail bar in the center of Paris. Were  we had some fabulous cocktails and food. Especially the drink called Canedian Lumberjack was a big hit.

And then at the end of the night we all got a gold Salon box with a gown called Comme de Sceurs.


This wasn’t the only gown that day. Because during the day Superdoll sold an extreme edition Atelier piece called Chinoisah.


And an very exciting new lady made her first public appearance that night. Grace from the House of Zenith.


This ressin beauty is a new doll by Superdoll in 1/6 scale. And Grace is one of the first 3 ooak dolls they made. But later more about this lady.