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Spanish Doll Convention 2019

Tonight is time to send  in your registration for the the Spanish Doll Convention 2019

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This year the theme will be Tropical Birthday Party !!!

The convention will take place at the Hotel Melià Princesa in Madrid on the 5th and 6th of October.

The perfect spot if you also want to do some sightseeing of the city.

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Like previous years they also have the option to sign up with registration for and additional Barbie convention doll. Like last year the doll will be designed by Magia2000 !!!


The extra doll will be based on a SILKSTONE Barbie doll, and it will be branded officially BARBIE with special authorization from Mattel.

Other exciting news is that the Monarchs will be there !!!


The ladies from Kingdom Doll will be representing their new doll line this year in Spain.

The convention registration will go open tonight at 22:00 central European time.


If you are interested in joining the fun in Madrid then I will advise you to send in your registration tonight. This convention has a history of selling out very fast.



Another Studio Piece just hit the Superdoll website. Its a gorgeous suit called Marshmello.


CONCERTINA wearing her latest Candy Suit.

Included in this sale is the bias cut Japanese Linen two piece suit with printed blossoms and bunnies accentuated with embroidery, a belt, hose and shoes. 

for more information: http://www.superdollonline.co.uk

Byron Valentine

Very exciting news for the Kinsman Doll collectors. This Sunday the first dressed Kinsman Doll for general release will go on sale.

His name is Byron Valentine.

Schermafbeelding 2019-02-15 om 13.09.55.png

Byron has been cast in a new creamier shade of Roman Bronze, which debuted with our Monarchy gift doll, Realm. This tanned resin is the perfect foil for his raven hair, which falls rakishly over one eye, and sexy dark and painted goatee. When combined with piercing pale grey blue eyes the overall effect seems to perfectly conjure up the archetypal “mad, bad and dangerous to know” brooding romantic leading man from English literature.

Byron is dressed in a tailored dark navy suit constructed from fine Italian wool suiting and a mini pastoral print toile de jouy teal shirt made from French Provencial cotton. A black tie and black patent signature sole embossed Kinsman loafers complete the look. 

Schermafbeelding 2019-02-15 om 13.09.41

  • Byron uses the ‘Lancelot’ head sculpt.
  • He features our detailed body blushing.
  • A height adjustable Kinsman stand and certificate are also included in his display box.
  • Byron’s edition size is limited to 30 pieces world wide.

As with all Kinsman dolls, he will be sold from the Kinsman website store on Sunday 17th at 6 p.m. UK time.

for more information: http://www.kinsmandoll.com

Avec Rouge

Yesterday Superdoll London  released a gorgeous Valentine dress called Avec Rouge.


NOXIA wanted to make sure she wore red on this special day.

Included in this sale is the Bias Cut Silk Satin Devoré dress, hose and lace stilettos.

Photograph colours are 99.9 percent true to actual colour. 
Please bear in mind your monitor may be set differently.
please view carefully before pushing any buttons.

Thank you for your custom.



Of course sold out in minutes. But we can enjoy the amazing pictures.


Femina by Aaron Henrikson

We are staying in the red color scheme. A very special Femina doll by Janka Creator was listed on Ebay yesterday. The Artist collaborated with Aaron Henrikson the official make-up artist from Madonna.



FEMINA, the doll (BJD) created by Janka Creator, becomes pure Art. Defining FEMINA just a doll is reductive, because now FEMINA is a white canvas, ready to be painted by other artists, who can come from many cultural environments, such as music, movies and painting. The first artistic collaboration has something magical. Aaron Smith Henrikson, is the artist who has thought about the look of FEMINA collectible, between fashion and cinema.
Aaron Smith Henrikson, in addition to being the official make-up artist of Madonna, is a visual artist of excellence, his Instagram page (@visionaaron) is a treasure trove of wonderful photos, travels, enchanted places, vintage clothes and fabrics, which the same Aaron, seeks and creates, and then, his magnificent work of make up artist, ranging from Madonna to the covers of Vogue, collaborator of the great fashion photographers, now in vogue.
A magical collaboration, due to the great agreement between the two artists, the author of FEMINA, Janka Creator, says: “I found in Aaron, a special person, a visionary and passionate artist, I was afraid, to touch a person so high level, in the fashion world, and instead I was amazed by the great humility and personality that Aaron has, this experience has made me grow as an artist, I will thank him forever. “


Addicted to Love & Love is a Battlefield

Happy Valentine day everybody !!! To celebrate this day Kingdom Doll released 2 new fashion in their USA Boutique.

Addicted to Love

Schermafbeelding 2019-02-14 om 14.44.36.png

This black long sleeve turtle neck mini dress in a luxurious bamboo jersey with a nude mesh lining is inspired by the models in the video from the Iconic 80ties song Addicted to Love from Robert Palmer

This set come with two pairs of Kingdom Doll Signature Stilettos in red with a woven textural effect and black with a subtly sparkling finish.

Schermafbeelding 2019-02-14 om 14.44.47

Love is a Battlefield

Schermafbeelding 2019-02-14 om 14.46.31

This red color variation is also named after an iconic love song from the 80ties by Pat Benatar.

And this sets comes with two pairs of Kingdom Doll Signature Stilettos in red tartan and green tartan.

Schermafbeelding 2019-02-14 om 14.46.41

both fashions are priced at 150$ each

You can pre-order these fashions now at:


The Bleu Belle

“The Bleu Belle” is a limited edition of 30 dolls created by Joshua David McKenney for the 2018 Modern Doll Collectors Convention in New Orleans,


LA. She is the first limited edition of Doll Bleu, Mr. McKenney’s second character sculpt.

Arrayed in a high-waisted, French Empire-style gown that evokes the shape of a bluebell, the Bleu Belle tells a tragic tale of love and loss in the Crescent City. Watch her story in the animated short film below.

The Bleu Belle is available as a full set for $830 USD plus shipping, and includes a signed, archival quality print of Mr. McKenney’s original concept illustration


Here video of the creation of The Bleu Belle.

for more information: