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Enchanted Fan

Chinese actress Fan Bingbing has announced her engagement to actor-singer Li Chen. The 36-year-old actress was proposed by Li, 38, during her birthday party on Sept 16.

Fan shared the good news with her followers on social media by posting the photos from the pink-themed event with the caption “It’s us, forever!”.


At the proposal, Li surprised Fan with a custom-made bridal doll by Canadian artist Marina Bychkova from Enchanted Doll.


What an amazing engagement gift. For the gown the artist used vintage French lace, Victorian millinery, parts of antique Kinfisher pin, dazzling Swarowsky crystals and  hundreds of Pearls to create a tiny wedding dress fit for a queen!


Enchanted Fan sits on a Napoleon III era French Globe de Marriee, which was traditionally used to display wedding momentos, such as the wedding tiara, corsage and shoes.


It took the artist a year to create this beauty.

for more information: http://www.enchanteddoll.com


Superdoll just released an amazing gown at their website.

Schermafbeelding 2017-09-21 om 17.19.45

Its a studio piece so very limited. This amazing pink gown in pleaded tulle is called Candyfloss.

Schermafbeelding 2017-09-21 om 17.19.31

And how stunning is that furniture piece in the background.

for more information: http://www.superdollonline.co.uk/acatalog/CANDYFLOSS-494.html#SID=43


The fashion blog Coveteur visit the closet of Barbie during fashion week. And they visited Barbie’s favorite store Laduree.




Our favorite fashion icon got the Coveteur treatment.

By: Stephanie Mark
Photography: Jake Rosenberg

Judging by our Instagram Stories, our New York Fashion Week has been as hectic as it has been fun. In the midst of all the chaos, we sat down with one of fashion’s original icons, Barbie, to kick up our feet and discuss all things fashion, travel, and, of course, food.

Ever the accomplished businesswoman, Barbie just put out a book this summer that talks about her personal style, aptly titled The Art Of @barbiestyle, in collaboration with macaron mecca Ladurée. Taking refuge in Ladurée’s back garden of their Soho store, Barbie gave us the 411 on her style, travel secrets, and favorite foods. Read below…


On the inspiration for her new book:

“I’ve always been obsessed with fashion as it’s the ultimate form of self-expression. I’ve been lucky enough to share my passion on my @BarbieStyle Instagram channel, where I share all of my stories and inspiration with all of my followers—and now to bring it to print is the ultimate dream!”

How Barbie stays sane while being on the road:

“I love being on the go, but definitely make it a priority to take time and enjoy being home with my friends, family, and [my dog] Miss Honey. Being back home by the beach is the perfect way to reset before my next adventure.”


On her travel wardrobe:

“Stick with your wardrobe favorites, which for me include stripes, fun prints, and statement accessories! Pack the pieces you know you’ll wear, but have fun with dressing for your destination!”

When she first fell in love with Ladurée:

“‘Love’ is the perfect word, as my first visit to Ladurée in NYC was a few years ago on Valentine’s Day! It’s been a mutual romance ever since, and thus they make the perfect partner to help launch my Assouline book.”


Favorite Macaron flavor?

“Strawberry Poppy, of course!”

On how her style has evolved:

“The Instagram channel has helped me define my personal style while exploring the world for new looks—so it’s ever-evolving. When I’m around Malibu, I rock everything from California chic to everyday bold looks, but I really love to try something new on a red carpet, such as when I wore Valentino to the Zoolander 2 premiere.”

On her fashion regrets:

“No regrets, that is the fun with fashion! I love that I can look back at all of my looks and see a reflection of the fashion trends of that time.”



Dollroom Dmagazine

I always love to see dollrooms from collectors. It’s always so inspiring to see how people display their collections. Dmagazine published one off the most fabulous dollrooms I ever saw. It’s the dollroom from the collector Gail Cook who has an amazing collection off antique dolls.

By Dmagazine:


Gail Cook has always loved collecting. When she was a little girl, she collected stamps, coins, and trading cards—but she never had much interest in dolls. Her first foray into doll collecting didn’t come till 1978, when Gail and her husband, Dan, gave their 9-year-old daughter a dollhouse as a gift. When the daughter asked for a nice doll to go along with it, Gail scoured toy stores and doll shops to find the right one. Eventually she uncovered two bisque German dolls in an antique shop.

“We got all these silks and satins and dressed the dolls up and put them in a competition,” Gail says. “We thought they were going to win.”

They didn’t. Instead, Gail and her daughter were told that silks belong on French dolls. German dolls, they learned, should wear cottons. This was a rookie mistake, but it intrigued Gail. Determined to learn more, she signed up as an apprentice judge for national doll competitions.


Today, Gail has judged competitions for more than 40 years and owns one of the finest antique doll collections in the world. As we ride the glass elevator down to the basement floor of the Cooks’ contemporary-style Highland Park home, built in 2000, Gail explains that she designed the gallery specifically for her dolls. The temperature is controlled, the lighting is cool, and there’s no wood in the room—acidity can damage the fabrics.


Downstairs, hundreds of eyes peer out from the museum-style glass cases that run the length of the low-lit room. A painting of Little Duke, a boy doll wearing a vaguely disinterested expression, hangs on the back wall. There’s something unsettling about walking into a dark room full of dolls, but after a minute, it’s hard to ignore their charm. The dolls in Gail’s collection were made largely in France and Germany between 1840 and the onset of World War I. They’re carefully dressed in bonnets, silks, lace, wool, cotton, and provincial costumes of every color. Some have interchangeable heads; others have two faces, each with a different expression. There are fashion dolls, which were sent to royal courts in Paris to display the latest fashions. There’s a witch, an American Indian, a St. Nicholas, and a World War I nurse. Each doll is something of an antique artifact and a work of art.


In addition to dolls, Gail collects furniture and paintings. Art by Gail’s daughter and son-in-law hangs in the main areas of her bright, spacious home; downstairs, two Warhol portraits of Gail look out to her workspace. She had planned on being a full-time artist herself, but she and Dan, an investment banker till 1992, had five kids. That didn’t leave a lot of time for painting. Fortunately, Gail found that restoring dolls—cleaning and dressing newly acquired dolls—was a surprisingly creative process.


“I would steal some time and sew lace on a petticoat or pantaloons,” she says. “I could always do some kind of work on the dolls. That kept me going, or else I’d have gone crazy.”


Dolls rarely arrive from the auction block in their original clothes, so collectors aim to create an outfit that’s as authentic as possible. The clothes should match the doll’s type and origin—and competition judges have keen eyes for fashion faux pas. Gail keeps drawers full of accessories, from antique buttons to tiny hats. She has so many shoes that her husband once proclaimed her the “Imelda Marcos of doll shoes.”


Her collection has been featured in exhibits, books, and magazines. She has a drawer filled with competition ribbons, all won by dolls in her collection. Every year she attends the United Federation of Doll Clubs convention—a conference where Gail reconnects with friends and enters her own dolls in contests. (She wouldn’t say what her collection is valued at, but a look through auction websites reveals that prices for antique dolls can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars.) She buys and sells dolls often, but when asked if she plans to sell her collection in its entirety, Gail laughs. “Over my dead body.” 


Christian Siriano

Former Project Runway winner Christian Siriano created 5 looks for BarbieSchermafbeelding 2017-09-19 om 19.49.11

The looks are re-creations off red carpet fashions he designed for Leslie Jones, SJP, Sarah Hyland and Solange Knowles. He used the 5 new different Barbie body shapes.

Schermafbeelding 2017-09-19 om 19.51.08

Leslie Jones:

Solange Knowles:

Sarah Hyland:

Sarah Jessica Parker:

The final doll is dressed in a look from his resort 2018 collection.

For now the dolls are ooak. But who knows…..Maybe some off these will be taken in production in the future.

Deboxing Under Runway

Today 2 new ladies arrived in my dollroom. Lena and Roxy the new dolls from the Under Runway collection from Lovetones.

They changed their packaging. No more grey boxes with black ribbons but black boxes with the dolls secured in foam.

The dolls come with a fashion set and a lingerie set.


Lena comes with a cool jeans outfit that is open in the back.


And how cool is this leather clove clutch.


And one off the nails is painted blue instead of silver and with Roxy pink.

Roxy is Rocking an overal jeans with a white t-shirt.

for more information: http://www.lovetonesdoll.com




Misty Pink Sun Yeong

Another gorgeous doll that was recently released is Misty Pink Sun Yeong. She is the latest dol by Mazarine Blue Doll from South Korea.


She is the first doll by Mazarine Blue Doll with the new SunYeong sculpture.


*SunYeong has always wanted to be a K-pop singer since she was a kid. One day she was walking down a street in Gangnam and 
was caught by a manager from a model agency.
She was hoping it was about singer, but it was modeling. Maybe it was because of her tall height. 
But she thought she will get closer to her dream if she would do something in this industry.
So she decided to be a model. she found modeling is very fun as well with beautiful dresses and make-up.
She posed in pink ball gown for Korean major Fashion Magazine and it made her well known to public. 
Because of her lovely babyface, some people said she’s not like high fashion model in Korea, but Magazine editors found her face is versatile. 
And she is getting more popular with her TV friendly face. Maybe she really got closer to her dream. 
Is she gonna be a singer someday? Nobody knows, but she’s not giving up yet. So we shall see. 


I wanted to make another Asian girl with open mouth. My former one, HyeJin was Asian girl with open mouth, but I wanted to make different one.
So I tried to make more rounded and lovely face on this sculpture. I have made realistic fashion doll faces.
Since SunYeoung has rounded face, her sculpture seemed a little simpler than my other sculptures. But when she was done, 
she seemed more lively with her open mouth.
Someone told me she seems to talk to her something. It’s quiet compliment I think. 
During the work process, my duplicator kept making troubles and she got delayed so much.
I was kinda exhausted and upset because of those endless troubles from factory and I felt like my passion’s all gone. 
Actually I wasn’t happy at all to receive her duplicated heads because those some sample heads still had some little problems. 
I was just upset about the situation and had to fire him.
But I still had to work on my new doll and after painting her faces, I became happy with her look.
She kept changing as I painted her face.
Because of her girlish face features, I was planning more causal and young fashion, but I and my tailor changed her dress more dramatic.
We really loved the black lace. Top part was originally designed when I was making Carmen. I just kept it and tried it this time.
And my tailor added some japanese beads on it. I also made vintage blue colored gloves to mix with pink dress.
Golden buckles on shoes were made by Emil’a who also makes fashion dolls. 
I bought it from her last year and I though this really fits on SunYeoung’s look.
It was another long time work. I do hope you love it.


her price us $670 and she is now available for preorder.

for more information: http://www.mbluedoll.com