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DIVAS by Magia2000

Yesterday Magia2000 released their Music Divas collection. A collection of doll’s inspired by the greatest artists in the world.




Lady Gaga:

Shania Twain:


Dolly Parton:

Jennifer Lopez:

Whitney Houston:

Katy Perry:




Kylie Minogue:

Tina Turner:

for more information: http://www.magia2000.com

Stripy Stript & La Vie En Rouge

Hoàng Anh Khôi released 2 amazing collections today. One for Poppy Parker called Stripy Stripy inspired by the 60’s MOD style and one for Gene Marshall called La Vie En Rouge. a 40ties /50ties fashion collection all in reds with some extra black outfits. Both collections are amazing. And as I write this almost completely sold out. But we can still admire the picture of these creation 😉

for more information:


The Model Traveler Collection

Integrity Toys released a new Poppy Parker Capsule Collection called The Model Traveler Collection.


For this Spring’s exciting capsule collection, everyone’s favorite 60’s teenage model goes on a modeling trip around the world and makes tons of new friends along the way!

Each doll in this series comes packaged in elaborate collector grade packaging designed to resemble a retro suitcase, complete with decorative handle on top!

Hello, New York

Where better to start a worldwide modeling tour than on your adopted home turf? Always the New Yorker at heart, Poppy could feel the electricity in the air as she just finished shooting her last magazine cover a few minutes before rushing off to John F. Kennedy Airport to embark on her great modeling trip around the world! “-Poppy, where are you going?!”, “-Poppy!! Look here Poppy!”, “-Smile for the Camera! Poppy!”, “-We love you Poppy!”, clamored reporters and fans alike who surprised her at the gate! Click! Click! Flash!… A few mysterious smiles and a quick wink of her beautiful eye later, fans cheered as she disappeared down the walkway, all set for her next thrilling adventure!

edition size : 1000
Available from IT dealers.

Tokyo Twilight


For the first stop in her fabulous journey around the globe, Poppy lands in Tokyo, her heart filled with anticipation! She is soon greeted by representatives of the famous Japanese fashion brand, MIKO, who hired the teenage superstar as the lead model for their highly anticipated campaign promoting their new line: CLONE. This adventure will also take her to Osaka to shoot part of the campaign at the Japan World’s Fair ’70. What a trip!
I think she is my favorite. We saw this hairstyle before at one of the ooak dolls from the 2016 Integrity Toys convention called “Stole the Show”.

Schermafbeelding 2020-05-17 om 18.36.20

picture by JennFL2 on Flickr

edition size : 1000
Available from IT dealers.

Mad for Milan


A little bit of work mixed with a lot of fun is how Poppy is spending her time in Milan. After checking out some of the new fashion collections, Poppy takes in the sights of Milan’s famous shopping and architecture. It feels like her second home. She’s Mad for Milan!

edition size : 1000
Available from IT dealers.

Sizzling in Paris


When the Maison De La Haute Couture De Paris calls and invites you to be the guest of honor at the most important fashion gala of the season, a gal just can’t say no! What could be better than this, you may ask? Moments before she boarded her flight to the city of lights, one of Paris’ top stylists called and told her that he would be honored to take care of her various looks for the evening… Everything on the house! Ooh la la! Nothing but the best for Miss Poppy! Oui Oui!

edition size : 1000
IT Direct Right to Buy Lottery


Tale of the World Mermaid

Mizi Doll released the images of 2 new dolls today. And they are Mermaid Mizi’s !!!

The collection is called Tale of The World Mermaid and their two versions.





The edition size of these dolls will be 200 each. And the price is $120.00

They are now available for pre-order at your Mizi doll dealer. For more information:



Vintage Ken miniature Bookcase

My dolls love to collect dolls and these days they are very into vintage Ken.


This miniature Billy Bookcase is filled with 37 Ken miniatures.

If you are interested in getting one for you own dolls I will be making 4 extra to sell. The price will be $200 plus shipping.

You can contact me at rogier.corbeau@gmail.com

The miniatures you will find in this bookcase are:

  • – Susy Goose ken Wardrobe – Irwin Ken Hot Rod – Ken Doctor Kit – Ken vinyl pillow – 4 Ken doll cases – Campus Hero fashion – Casual Fashion – Dreamboat Fashion – In Training Fashion – Tuxedo Fashion – Sport Short Fashion – Sleeper Set Fashion – Rally Day Fashion – The Yachtsman Fashion – Time for Tennis Fashion – 6 fashion packs – 2 Advance sewing patterns – Japanese Campus Hero Fashion – 1961 Ken Box – Time For Tennis Dressed Doll Ken – Sailor Dressed Doll Ken – Touchdown Dressed Doll Ken – Fraternity Meeting Dressed Doll Ken – Ken in Switzerland Dressed Doll – 1964 Ken Box – Bendable leg Ken box.

Renaissance Chic Vivian

V.Jhon Doll is releasing a new doll and she is called Renaissance Chic Vivian. She comes as a gift set with 2 different looks.

-Baroque embroidered suit and skirt

-Floral embroidered dress with a beaded belt

-Mesh bra

-Crystal earrings

-Pair of lace socks

-Black heels with a red sole and strap, studs details

-High ponytail wig with a beaded hairband

The edition size of this doll will be very limited and if you want her you have to send an email before Wednesday May ,6  22:00PM ( NY Time )

The lucky winners will be contacted after.

for more information: https://www.vjhondoll.com/vivian?utm_campaign=262a38cc-db8f-4f3c-a028-c87ed5b72467&utm_source=so&utm_medium=mail&cid=2a947575-6d88-4270-8176-aa7a34fd853c

Mizi Studio Shop April 28 release

Mizi dolls just announced on Instagram that there will be a new release next Tuesday on the 28th of April.

This release will be a StudioShop release. The StudioShop collection is only available at the Mizi TaoBao shop.

And here is a picture of the new doll.

Schermafbeelding 2020-04-26 om 19.27.54

I love the “Vintage Malibu Barbie” vibes these girls give me. As always the Studio Shop dolls will be sold nude.

for more information: